Customer Letters

“ I wanted to comment on the outstanding customer service my wife received from John who worked at the Ben Bridge located at the Valencia Town Center in Santa Clarita, CA. My wife brought in a necklace that needed to be fixed and cleaned, and John was a great guy. I'm sure he would have preferred to have a customer who was going to spend a lot of money, but he was still polite to my wife who didn't need to purchase anything. I wanted to thank John for his kindness and his professionalism. 

“ I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the attention and concern shown by Sandra Jerde for my purchase of a family pendant. The pendant was a Christmas gift for my wife. I had placed the order after the deadline for Christmas delivery so was fully expecting that it would arrive a week or so after Christmas. I received a call from Sandra to that effect shortly after I placed my order online. Much to my surprise and delight, I received another call from Sandra a couple days before Christmas saying that the pendant was due to arrive the next day and she would insure that it was shipped overnight to us. The pendant arrived in time along with a cute teddy bear, nicely boxed and ready to give to my wife the next morning. This was beyond my expectation and I feel it was largely due to the personal attention placed by Sandra and others within your company. Thanks again for the wonderful service. I will be more likely to purchase jewelry from Ben Bridge in the future.”
“ I recently called into your Northridge Fashion Center Mall store looking for a holiday present for my wife.

A member of staff there - Danielle Kaplin provided me with such friendly and exceptional service that I really wanted to drop you a line to pass on my thanks to Ben Bridge as a great customer service company. It will certainly prompt me to use the company and Danielle for future purchases. Her level of attention and knowledge was excellent and I felt well advised without having the normal hard sell that most of your competitors force upon potential customers. Danielle's sales philosophy was most polite and attentive without being too in my face - overall a delightful shopping experience.

Many thanks

“ This letter is in reference to your SouthCenter employees. The help I have received on several occasions by Julie Nelson has been above and beyond the call of sales-person. She is so modest that she neglected to tell me that she IS the above mentioned store's manager when I told her that I'd like to tell "her manager" what a great employee they have in her.

I called back the next day and Hanife...equally friendly and gracious... informed me that their manager (JULIE!) was out for the day. I told her how well I've been served by Julie and she agreed that after working with her for more than a decade...she is a great manager and a lovely person.

In these days of rushed sales-people and many people ordering on-line, etc.... that nice personal touch and genuine service seems to be going by the wayside like the non-digital cameras. Please know that you have an excellant staff at your SoutCenter store in Tukwilla, (Washington) especially Julie Nelson.”
“ Two weeks ago my fiancé proposed to me. It was a surprise proposal and so was the ring. After a few days, we looked more closely at the ring and realized that we were never told the 4c's of the diamond or even if it was good quality. Since the ring will last a lifetime, we wanted to make sure we got the perfect one, and so we decided to buy a different one. We went to the first store he bought it from, and upon walking into it, we realized that nothing in the store looked to be like great quality and the salespeople didn't seem to know anything about diamonds. Sad and frustrated that we couldn't find the perfect ring, we walked the mall and wandered into Ben Bridge (located in Bellevue Square in Washington).

The moment we stepped into Ben Bridge, we became very excited about not only the quality of the rings but the hospitality of the store and its appearance. A gemologist/sales woman named Margaret came up to us and asked if we needed help, and then spent the next hour and a half explaining diamonds and wedding bands to us. She was AMAZING. Margaret was so patient and when the ring I loved didn't fit our budget, she found an alternative. We ended up with a ring we love, are proud of, and will last the rest of our lives.

I have recommended Ben Bridge to everyone I know. Margaret deserves many kudos for her knowledge about diamonds and for her excellent customer service. We couldn't have picked a better place to buy our ring and we are both very glad that we walked into Ben Bridge. ”
“ I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a fantastic experience I had at one of your stores. I was shopping for an engagment ring for my fiance Kristina at the end of July. She had seen a set on your website and thats when she called the Northridge, California store and spoke with Nick Jaime. We wanted to confirm that he had the ring in stock so that we could see it in person. Nick quickly called us back, and thus began a wonderful relationship.

That evening Kristina and I drove to Nick's store to see the ring. As soon as she tried it on, I knew it was the "right ring" by the way her eyes lit up, so I bought it straight away. Nick needed to special order the rings in Kristina's size, and informed us that it may take 6 to 12 weeks. Well the rings came in 6 weeks and were stunning.

As someone who has been in a service related industry for the better part of a decade, I can say Nick's customer service was second to none! He was always in touch with me and even went into work on his day off to inform me the rings had been delivered, as he knew that we had an important anniversery just days away.

The following Monday, I received a call from Nick asking how our anniversery weekend was and how she was enjoying the ring. We decided that we needed the ring to be just a bit more snug and Nick said a "butterfly" would probably be our best solution. A few days after we picked up the ring, I once again received a call from Nick asking how everything was.

I can't tell you what an asset Nick is to your business. He truly exemplifies your slogan "your personal jeweler, Ben Bridge".

Once again, Thank you.

Your customers for life”

I wanted to express my gratitude for helping my son and his fiancee find that perfect engagement ring for her. They are a delightful young couple, and they were treated very well at the store in Simi Town Center.

-The Dad.”
“I recently placed an order through Ben Bridge online. I had quite a few questions before I finally placed my order but I finally did and it came in the mail last week. I just wanted to say that I am completely impressed with the level of service I received from the online customer service representatives. They were very quick in answer my emails and questions. Any delays that occurred, they kept me posted. They were friendly and treated me very well. Also, the fact that it was able to be shipped to an APO address (as I am in the military, stationed abroad) made me very happy. I will absolutely make future purchases with Ben Bridge online. Thank you for all the help I received and being able to rely on this company for something as important as my wedding band. ”
“I wanted to let Ben Bridge know of the wonderful service my daughter and I received this afternoon at your store in Roseville, California. Monique is the salesperson who helped us. She was so helpful and patient while we took our time deciding what to purchase. We had a fun time shopping and look forward to returning to your Roseville store for more baubles. ”
“To the management at the Boise Idaho Boise Towne Square store: This letter is to give Heather Wilson, employee at the Boise store "kuddos" for her fantastic service and attitude last week when my husband and I were in browsing for rings and watches. Heather was very helpful and knowlegable about the product and personalized her recommendations. We would buy from Ben Bridge simply because Heather was such an outstanding assistant. Thanks so much! ”
“ Thank you so much for providing such attentive, great customer service. Curt assisted me and he was great at coming up with creative solutions. I have been shopping with Ben Bridge since we moved to Texas. You have become the jewelry store I feel I can trust. ”
“ My daughter and I shopped in your Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall store. To our surprise and gratitude we were helped by Samantha. What a pleasant surprise to be helped by a helpful and competent person. In these times, unfortunately, it is highly unusual to find someone who really enjoys their job, enjoys working with people and helping a client find their desire.

My only way to show my gratitude to Samantha is to send this note to you and to become a repeat customer of hers and ultimately your store. My daughter was equally impressed and plans future jewelry purchases. ”
“ My father and I were recently in your Temecula mall location and we received the best, most outstanding customer service we’ve received in quite some time. We were aided by Mark, Richard and Elizabeth. These three offered kind, courteous and warm service that truly exemplified sincere customer care. We were so greatly impressed that we have made the decision to never shop at another jeweler ever. And may it be known that this was the first time either of us had ever stepped into one of your stores. Thank you so very much for employing such high caliber people and for instilling within them your desire to be the best. ”
“ I just wanted to take a moment to applaud the hard work of Laura. She has been quite helpful and very efficient in responding to my two requests in a timely fashion. She has made quite an impression on the quality of employees you must have at Ben Bridge. I just wanted to recognize her for her hard work.”
“ Hello Mary, I asked Laura for your email address because I want to share with you my experience with Laura and tell you how much I appreciate Laura for her efforts as my sales/services consultant at Ben Bridge. Until Last August, I had never heard of your entity--I needed to purchase a specific Bathays watch and their website listed your store as being the closest to me (I’m in the SF Bay Area). The watch was a gift to my 27-year old nephew. I did an online purchase through your website and this is where Laura and I crossed paths.

Almost from the get-go, the order I placed and what I really wanted differed. Laura was so responsive and patient and helped me through in getting the proper watch. Although communications were strictly done through email, when reading her emails they were concise and projected the feeling that she really was concerned and cared. My nephew also needed work done on the watchband and was ‘shocked’ at the responsiveness and professionalism that he copied me on an email to Laura thanking her and saying he’d recommend her to his friends for their purchases.

I have been doing online business for many, many years and have never come across a services individual as Laura. Usually other companies would take an average of 2-3 days for a response but getting responses so quickly took me by surprise. From the beginning she gave me the feeling of trust that I purchased a watch for myself through her opinion and LOVE it.

Thank you for having such high quality services consultants on your staff.”
“ To Whom It May Concern:

As a Customer Service Supervisor, I get so excited when I receive outstanding customer service! I had the pleasure of meeting one of your sales associates Sal T. Esposito at the Boise, Idaho store. I went into the Boise store looking for a watch. I'm celebrating several goals that I have reached this year and I wanted to reward myself with something pretty. Sal was absolutely amazing to work with on my search! He was very professional and listened to all of my wishes for the perfect gift. When I asked him what he liked, he showed me an absolutely beautiful watch from the window display. Before I made my final decision, I told him I wanted to think about it. I called him 2 days later and asked if he would pick out a few more pieces that would be comparable to watch I had liked a few days later. He said he would make sure and be available when I got off of work. When I arrived at the store, he had done exactly what I had asked and followed through with what he promised me he would do. I then decided to purchase a beautiful Tag Heuer watch. He took the time to adjust the watch band (several times) until it fit perfectly! (I ended up buying the watch that he showed to me as his favorite! He has great taste!)

I wish Sal was looking for a job in the water industry. I would hire him in a second! He's professional, personable, and made me feel like I had a brother at the jewelry store! This is my first purchase from Ben Bridge and because of Sal, it is definitely not my last!”
“ To Ben Bridge Management,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for years of outstanding customer service and to say a special thanks for my most recent, excellent, experience at Ben Bridge. My Omega Seamaster band has been giving me trouble for the past few months. Your store in downtown Seattle was gracious enough to temporarily repair it on a recent business trip. When the band finally gave out last week I brought it to my local store in Arlington, Texas. Hillary was absolutely wonderful about listening to my concerns and assuring me that my watch would be well taken care of. After picking up the watch yesterday, all I can say is "Wow!". My watch looks like it did the day I bought it at the Spokane, Wa store back in 1997! My wife and I have been loyal Ben Bridge customers for many years and it is service like this that reassures me I am working with the best. Thank you very, very much”
“ Dear Ben Bridge,

I am writing to comment on the excellent customer service we have received at the Lloyd Center Ben Bridge location. The jewelry business must be very competitive, because as a consumer there are literally dozens of choices for jewelers - sometimes 5 or 6 within a single shopping mall. So we first encountered Ben Bridge while visiting all of the jewelry stores at Lloyd Center back in late 2007. We weren't ready to purchase at that time, but were very impressed with the help we received from Cindy Kaylor. She left such an impression that when I was ready to shop for a birthday present for my wife, Ben Bridge at Lloyd Center was the first thing that came to mind.

Ms. Kaylor wasn't working the day I returned, almost a year later, but I was equally impressed with the help I received from Josi Yett. Being someone who is not used to purchasing an expensive watch, it can be somewhat nerve-wracking. Ms. Yett was, helpful, knowledgeable and able to inspire trust, all of which made it much easier for me to go forward with the purchase. When we returned to have the watch fitted, we received (more) stellar customer service. We found the other staff members to be very personable as well.

In conclusion, Ms. Yett and Ms. Kaylor clearly set Ben Bridge apart from other jewelers, and I look forward to working with them in the future.”
“ I recently purchased a diamond ring from Ben Bridge at the West Valley Mall in Santa Clara, California. I had a great experience and as such thought I would drop a quick note through the Ben Bridge website stating SO. .

I initially heard of Ben Bridge in Anchorage, Alaska where my co-workers had a high opinion of their service and quality. I did speak with a sales representative at the Anchorage branch, but did not purchase anything.

I recently decided to ask my long time girlfriend to marry me and being that we are living in California, I contacted the nearest Ben Bridge Jeweler. I had a very pleasant conversation with Patti Smith. She was very helpful and courteous. Upon visiting the store, I was offered water and felt well taken care of. I am not a jeweler, but I am an engineer and as such often ask too many questions. Patti was very responsive to my questions and took the time to show me and help me understand my purchase. That afternoon I purchased a signature diamond and specific ring. Patti worked to have the diamond set and returned to me the next day.

I am very pleased with the ring and the quality of service I received.

Thank you!”
“ I just wanted to comment on the excellent customer service I received today from Sharon Priem. I called to get some information on a diamond to make sure that we were properly insuring an item for a policyholder and Sharon went above and beyond my expectations.

She explained to me when I called that the systems were down and she may not be able to help me right away, but she would try. She stated that if she could not help me, she would give me a call back before the end of the day. Turned out, the system would not allow her to give me the information that I needed at the time of my phone call, but she kept good on her promise to give me a call back before the end of the day (actually within the hour).

I am severely impressed with the customer service I received today, and I wanted SOMEONE to know.

Thank you!!! ”
“ Dear Jan Spaspbo.
I just wanted to thank you for the fine service I got on my watch! I called to ask me about the progress on my watch, you told me you would find out where my watch was and call me back that night. I got a phone call that same night about 7 or 8 o'clock and Lorana told me it was ready. I am sure she was off shift. When I came in to pick it up, Lorana set the date for me and sent me on my way. World class service!
Thank you and your staff.”
“ I was in you store at the Kitsap Mall this morning. I purchase a watch and it was giving some issues. The sales ladies and your store manager contacted the repair man and he took my watch and fix it with no questions ask. Your associates in the store at that time, it was around 11:00 am and store manager Layna Plaff plus the repairman provided me the best customer service that I have received in a long time. I was in the Navy (24) and did lots of customer service along with my present position (15) as an Officer Manager/receptionist.”
“ I had the pleasure of visiting your store in the Galleria at Tyler, Riverside CA. My only reason for stopping was that I needed to send my Rolex in for service. I was not a purchaser. Your representative, Ms. Heather Zirwas, treated me as though I was the biggest customer that she had ever had. I was treated with the utmost respect that is unheard of in retail stores today. She answered all of my many questions and even cleaned my wife's diamond for her. Keep an eye on this young lady. She is an asset to your firm.”
“I am writing to give thanks to the wonderful service I received today via telephone. Sandra at the Seattle customer service site assisted me. I just wanted to pass on my thanks for having such nice customer service representatives. It really is a breath of fresh air to find someone both nice, AND helpful when it comes to getting an issue solved. Please extend my thanks and gratitude to her in any way you can, it is well deserved. I have been a Ben Bridge only shopper for almost 10 years now and I’m happy to say that Sandra represents what is sorely lacking from many of your competitors and that is a willingness to help.”
“I really appreciate the customer service. I was in the food and beverage service industry for a while. I have never seen service this good. I plan on buying more pieces in the future, Ben Bridge will definitely be my choice of jewelers. ”
“Thank you! I have never had better service in my life!!!! I just keep telling everyone that knows what I'm going through about Ben Bridge and how exceptional you are. My fiancé and I agree we need to make you our jeweler from here on out. Too bad you are all the way on the West coast but thank God for the internet.”
“Thank you again for how prompt and attentive you have been. I received my bride’s gift way earlier than anticipated. Ben Bridge from top to bottom has taken care of me from the day I purchased the engagement ring, till now. The store in Mission Viejo, particularly Patrick and Brenda have made my in store experience so great; I would never choose another jeweler. On top of that the customer service you and other Reps of Ben Bridge has been phenomenal. Thank you again for the kind words on my marriage and the incredible service.”
“Thanks for your help! From your quick service, I know I will be a repeat customer.”
“Thank-you. I'm very grateful for your time and help.” 
“I can not thank you enough for you help, this is the reason we shop at Ben Bridge the wonderful service we received every time we've visited. My husband also purchased his Rolex at this same store location and everyone has always been very helpful.”
“Thank you so much for your assistance. We just arrived back home and the paperwork was in our mailbox. It was a joy to deal with someone on the level of professionalism as yourself. You saved us from a very long trip up to the Portland area. We have been very pleased with your progress and again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” 
“Thank you, ma'am. Everyone in your organization has been wonderful throughout this whole experience. I will gladly remain a Ben Bridge customer, and recommend the company to everyone I know who is shopping for jewelry. Thank you again, and have a great weekend yourself.”
“I have now received my wedding set I bought last month and it is beautiful. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly. I just wanted to know that it's well appreciated, especially with me being out here in Iraq. Once again thank you.”
“Recently, I was surprised (shocked, actually) to discover that my 30-year old specialty watch was quite valuable, being a "double red" version. It hadn't been serviced in years, so I took it to the Dos Lagos (Corona, CA) store to be serviced. Your associate, Jeff Garcia, happened to wait on me, and he became very sensitive to the vintage nature of the watch. I won't recount the details of Jeff's service, other than to say that he was very conscientious in the process which, if not handled properly, could have resulted in the loss of the vintage nature of the watch. As a result of the happy ending, I offered Jeff a gratuity, which he declined. I told him that I wanted to commend him to his company and, hence, this email.”
“I again, want to thank you for all your help. You have made us very happy customers and would recommend your services and products at Ben Bridge, any day! Thank you for all your time and effort into helping us with our purchase.”
“I don't know what else to say but thank you! You've been such a great asset. I felt a little unsure when I started looking for diamonds but you really took care of me. Thanks again! ”
“You have been wonderful. Thank you so much for all your help. The earrings and ring will make my future wife very happy. I greatly appreciate all your help with my request. Please forward my compliments to your superior. Your service has been above and beyond anything I could expect. Thank you again and take care.”
“You made my day by being nice and a real help....”
“I will buy this one too. Can you send them both together? You are great at your job.... I can't thank you enough...... Tell your boss what I said. You made the sale by helping me make the choice...Good job and ask him or her for a raise...thanks...”
“Thanks again for the GREAT service. You are the best.”
“I just wanted to drop a line and say how pleased I was with the Credit and Customer Service Departments at Ben Bridge. I just finished paying off a loan and I paid each bill over the phone. I have never dealt with a department that makes it so easy to pay over the phone. It was truly a painless process. Keep up the good work!”
“I was very pleased with Ms. Sun Beaulieu. She deserves to be recognized for her outstanding customer service skills.” 
“I had a great experience in your Rancho Cucamonga location. I would especially like to thank Hiroko because she was extremely helpful, patient and pleasant while I picked out a beautiful gift for my sister's graduation.” 

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