Ben Bridge Helps Make Wishes Magical

Make-A-Wish and Ben Bridge with Gelani

Make-A-Wish at Ben Bridge in Downtown Seattle in March

Over the years, Ben Bridge Jeweler has been fortunate to partner with Make-A-Wish® and Jewelers for Children to help make wishes come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions. This past February and March, we teamed up again to help create memories for two very special girls and we’re honored to share part of their stories.

Meet CHARLOTTE (Silverton, OR)

16-year old Charlotte is a charismatic young lady who loves dancing and junk food like Doritos and chocolate! She qualifies for a wish because she has Hodgkin’s disease. When asked what her one true wish would be, Charlotte decided to take a relaxing vacation to Hawaii with her family. Make-A-Wish Oregon made this wish possible thanks to generous support from Jewelers for Children.

Charlotte at the airport

Charlotte at the airport

On the morning of February 14th, Charlotte was greeted at the airport and was surprised to learn she was being presented with a PANDORA bracelet.  On it was a camera and a suitcase charm to help send her off on her big adventure and encourage her to take lots of pictures!

Later this month, she’ll be traveling to our Downtown Portland store for a Hawaii-themed party hosted by Ben Bridge Jeweler and Make-A-Wish. We don’t want to spoil any surprises but there are a few more special things planned for Charlotte at the party and we can’t wait!

In a tear-jerking letter to Make-A-Wish, Charlotte’s mother recently wrote:

As a mother I am humbled, as a member of this race, I am moved to do more, and to be kinder to everyone.

I have to say that my most favorite moments were snorkeling with Charlotte – it felt like a world apart from any other. As the saline waters buoyed our bodies, gently rocking us with the tide, time was lost; it brought to me a new relationship with the ocean, as a source of energy, and renewal.

Nothing in my time on the planet had prepared me for the emotions I felt witnessing Charlotte’s dolphin encounter.

For myself, fear hasn’t vanished – but I understand a strength in myself that was never accessed. I know that I have a heart, and the strength to help other families who face the illness of a child.

Meet GELANI (Seattle, WA)

Herb Bridge presenting gifts

Herb Bridge presenting gifts to Gelani and her sister

13-year old Gelani is an active teen that plays both basketball and volleyball. She loves all types of music and dancing to her favorite songs. Though Gelani is battling Hodgkin’s disease, she continues to have a positive and fearless attitude. When she learned she would be eligible to receive a wish, she knew she wanted to travel to Paris with her family!

Gelani is looking forward to her trip in May. It will give the family a break from hospital visits and allow them to simply enjoy one another’s company. Having a wish come true will give Gelani the hope and joy to help her through her battle, while providing the entire family with long-lasting memories.

On March 18th, Gelani and her family visited our downtown Seattle store in preparation for her trip where she was presented with several gifts. The first was a stunning PANDORA bracelet fitted with a music, suitcase, airplane, and Eiffel Tower charm. In addition, Herb Bridge presented Gelani and her sister with backpacks full of snacks and different activities and games for them to do while on the plane to Paris. Gelani is excited to wear her new bracelet and play games on her very first plane ride next month.

Gelani shows off her bracelet

At Ben Bridge, we take great pride in giving back to local communities through direct contributions, community events and teaming up with great organizations like Make-A-Wish and Jewelers for Children. We have a history of excellence in philanthropy and look forward to meeting more wonderful Make-A-Wish children like Charlotte and Gelani.

About Make-A-Wish

Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Born in 1980 when a group of caring volunteers helped a young boy fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer, the Foundation is now the largest wish-granting charity in the world, with 67 chapters in the U.S. and its territories. With the help of generous donors and more than 25,000 volunteers, the Make-A-Wish grants a wish every 41 minutes and has granted more than 153,000 wishes in the U.S. since inception. For more information about Make-A-Wish, visit and discover how you can share the power of a wish®.

About Jewelers for Children

Jewelers for Children began its relationship with Make-A-Wish in 1999, continuing the steadfast support for nearly 15 years. JFC has raised $8 million for Make-A-Wish, helping grant over 1,300 wishes in the U.S. since its inception. In 2013, JFC will donate $600,000 to Make-A-Wish through the Wish-A-State program to provide funding to grant at least one wish in each state.

More Information and Inquiries

For more information about Ben Bridge in the community, follow us on Twitter! For inquires and more information contact Lander Chin at

Gelani's bracelet

Gelani’s bracelet



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