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The Toscano Collection: Exclusive Jewelry Showcasing Italian Gold Artistry

Jul 24, 2015

Tuscany: the region evokes imagery of sun-drenched vineyards, stone palazzos and timeworn hillside villas.  Home to great artisans and poets, and credited as the birthplace of the Renaissance, the Italian tradition of fine craftsmanship and artistry is interwoven into the very history of the land.  It’s this tradition of quality and attention to artistic detail which originally inspired the Toscano Collection.  Exclusive to Ben Bridge, Toscano (meaning “of Tuscany”) is a collection that has been built as a result of over 20 years of collaboration with Italian goldsmiths and jewelry designers.  Fifty artisans, each from design houses specializing in their own unique technique, contribute to the collection which Ben Bridge sources directly from Italy.  Traditional and modern techniques of metal work combine to create fine statement pieces of hefty construction, durable enough to be worn every day as a mark of signature style.  Intricate weaving of golden wire and artfully sculpted tubing in elegant twists create bracelets and necklaces in styles that show the tradition of their artistry while evoking contemporary appeal.  Cast gold and hand finished rings and earrings shimmer in the latest showcase of Italian jewelry fashion, prestigious enough for even the most discerning contessa.

Toscano Double Strand Golden Link Necklace

Fit to Reign: Toscano Collection Gold Link Necklace is crafted of two stands of alternating open work and bright polished hoops in 18K for a lavishly regal statement piece.

For 2015 the emphasis has been on a return to 18K gold.  This precious metal is back in a very big way, the higher gold content creates a warmer, more buttery tone in the jewelry and the texture of the gold is smooth to the touch.  These heritage pieces, luxury meant to be worn and admired, and the quality of the craftsmanship and material ensures that they will be enjoyed for a long time.  The malleability of 18K gold makes it ideal for texturing, which the Italian artisans behind the Toscano Collection take full advantage of, creating sophisticated finishes such as graffiato, sabbiato, and satinato which translate as scratched texture, sand textured and satin finished, as well as the highly polished lucido and rustic mart ellata (hand-hammered).  The diversity of the styles and finishes is a testament to Italian creativity, unique and yet identifiable for their singular styling.

Some of the newest launches I’m loving are the Beaded Dome Earrings and Ring.  They’re a modern interpretation of the ancient Etruscan beading motif and have highly stylized texture in 18K gold:

Toscano Collection Beaded Dome Earrings 18K

Toscano Collection Beaded Dome Earrings 18K

Toscano Collection Beaded Dome Ring 18K

Toscano Collection Beaded Dome Ring 18K

As the jewelry from Italy continues to be shipped to us, I’m constantly discovering new favorites.  Whether you’re looking for a spectacular signature piece to celebrate yourself with, or are just curious as to what the latest inspirations in Italian gold are, I encourage you to browse the collection here: Toscano Italian Gold, or wander into your nearest Ben Bridge Jeweler for a taste of Tuscany- it’s magnifico.

Until then, keep shining and Arrivederci!



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