Welcome to the World of Ecoura

A place where Love and Nature work hand in hand to create elegant objects of art.

For centuries, jewelry has been known as a timeless expression of love. We recognize that Mother Nature provides us with the resources to create these timeless expressions. The result is fine jewelry that is produced at the cost of precious resource depletion and an ample amount of deforestation.

ECOURA lives and breathes the vision to make a global change. We explore the possibility of how you can give back to nature while indulging yourself in magnificent creations.

As jewelry makers, we cherish Earth's natural beauty and have committed to better balancing our environmental impact. To celebrate everlasting love, Ecoura engagement rings will contribute to reforestation by having a tree planted for your engagement.

Additionally, all Ecoura collections are crafted from renewed gold that is more harmonious with nature.

When you wear ECOURA, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you have taken a progressive step towards the betterment of the world. Our dream is to ensure that our planet remains healthy for future generations to come so that our children and grandchildren may enjoy the same luxuries that we do today.

The Road to ECOURA is artfully paved with enchanting beauty coupled with a desire to make a difference. Now that you have arrived, we invite you to follow our road and share the vision of a greener future. Come experience what beautiful things can happen as we embark on this journey together.




The 7 Ecoura Promises

1. We promise your Ecoura jewelry is created with renewed gold having an identical look and feel of newly mined gold.

2. We promise to plant a tree for your choice of an Ecoura engagement ring that bears our special trademark stamp.

3. We promise to support the Ecoura brand by using eco-friendly materials in several facets of our marketing.

4. We promise a lifetime commitment to the Ecoura brand and making the world a greener place.

5. We promise that your Ecoura jewelry is made to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

6. We promise that all Ecoura partners commit to the standards of the Renewed Gold Pact.

7. We promise that your Ecoura jewelry is guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

For five generations, Ben Bridge has been committed to offering the finest jewelry and unsurpassed personal service at the best value.

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