Ideal Cut Diamonds

The unique beauty of a cut diamond is the result of a painstaking polishing process that calls for an almost obsessive concern for accuracy.

The exact angles and proportions that create the maximum brilliance, and fire have been fine tuned by polishers throughout the centuries. In 1919, Belgian mathematician and diamond polisher Marcel Tolkowsky developed a precise model known as the "ideal cut", that has been recognized as the ultimate formula for cutting perfection.



Less than 1% of all diamonds are cut according to the ideal formula. There are two reasons for this. First, not every rough diamond has the appropriate shape and clarity to be cut into an ideal. Second, more of the expensive rough diamonds must be cut away during the polishing of an ideal cut diamond, losing valuable carat weight. Polishers usually prefer to strike a compromise between maximum beauty and maximum weight. The image to the left shows an average cut diamond. 


An Ideal cut grade means that along with having IDEAL PROPORTIONS, the SYMMETRY and the POLISH of the diamond are also ideal. Ideal cut diamonds may show patterns that look like arrows from the top and hearts from the bottom. 
The Ideal Cut diamonds over vertain carat weight that Ben Bridge carries have Diamond Quality Documents provided by the American Gem Society (AGS). The Diamond Quality Document (DQD) is a widely recognized and respected report that grades the Cut of the diamond on a "zero - ten" scale, (zero being Ideal) and grades the Clarity and the Color along with the Carat Weight.



Make an appointment with your personal jeweler, and we would be thrilled to to show you an IDEAL CUT diamond and as you examine its fascinating reflection of light , consider that a diamond reflects much more than light - it reflects the uniqueness of the relationship it represents.

For five generations, Ben Bridge has been committed to offering the finest jewelry and unsurpassed personal service at the best value.

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