Ikuma Diamonds - a story millions of years in the making. 

Formed by the mysterious forces of nature deep below the frozen tundra, Ikuma™ diamonds were raised closer to the earth's surface by powerful volcanic eruptions.

Today, Ikuma™ diamonds are sourced responsibly and in close collaboration with indigenous communities of Canada.

Following discovery and excavation, the diamonds are cut and polished in a state-of-the-art facility in Canada to the exacting standards of Ben Bridge.

The story of the Ikuma diamond culminates as the symbol of your love - and a new story begins. 



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 Ikuma™ diamonds come with the certificate of origin and are laser inscribed with unique identification number. This number allows the diamonds to be tracked all the way to the diamond mine.  

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Diamond Light Performance


Light performance is the most important characteristics of the diamond. We are proud that Ikuma™ diamonds demonstrate superior light performace when viewed with the ASET tool. 

The ASET® is a tool (created by the American Gem Society) that we use in judging the light performance of the diamond. The return of light is represented by four different colors: red, green, blue and black.

  •  Red is the most desirable. Red represents light that travels through the diamond unobstructed and with full intensity. This is the light that makes the diamond bright and brilliant.
  • Green represents the less efficient light. It can reflect off objects or it might enter the diamond at indirect angles. This light may contribute slightly to contrast, but for the most part is undesirable.
  • Blue represents “contrast”. It is the “texture” or pattern of light and dark areas that our eye finds pleasing. It is caused by light that could have entered the diamond, but is blocked by the viewer’s head. It should be distributed in a symmetrical pattern.
  • Black (and occasionally white) represents “leakage” which is an area from which light literally leaks out of the diamond and is lost. Leakage is less desirable and in all cases should be minimal.

These are images of a Ben Bridge Ikuma™ diamond when viewed under with ASET® device. The Ben Bridge Ikuma™ diamond exhibits extraordinary intense return of light as shown in these images.


For five generations, Ben Bridge has been committed to offering the finest jewelry and unsurpassed personal service at the best value.

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