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    The following are a few tips of how to care for your pearls.


    Never ultrasonic or steam clean. 


    Avoid heat. Restring often (once a year). Wipe off with a soft, damp cloth after each wearing. Do not submerse or soak in any liquid. Store away from other jewelry items. Put on last, take off first to avoid direct contact with perfume and hairspray.


    Hardness (Scratch Resistance)

    2 1/2 - 4 on the Moh's Scale

    Toughness (Chip & Crack Resistance)

    Usually good unless the outer layers have surface imperfections.

    Stability (To Heat, Light, Chemicals)

    Avoid any exposure to prolonged heat including intense light sources. Generally stable to light. Avoid chemicals, all acids, perspiration, skin oils, perfume, and hairspray (alcohol-based).

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