Pearls are like fingerprints - each is unique. In 1974, Mikimoto established an industry standard with he first grading system in the U.S. While other systems exist now, Mikimoto sets the standard for grading the quality of cultured pearls.

The chart below illustrates the system, with AAA representing the very highest quality. Although no one factor can solely represent the worth of a pearl, but luster and surface perfection are key factors in grading a pearl.







Exceptional, Mirro-Like Reflection

Blemish-Free Surface*




Superb, Clear Reflection

Very Slightly Blemished




Very Good, Clear Reflection

Very Slightly Blemished




Good, Clear Reflection

Very Slightly Blemished




Good, Clear Reflection

Slightly Blemished



Please contact your local Ben Bridge store or Ask the Jeweler for more information on pearls and availability of other MIKIMOTO items that are not shown online. Strands, earrings and bracelets are available in other qualities and sizes / lengths.

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