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Tue, 08/24/2010 (All day)
Every Friday at the corporate office, associates have the opportunity to dress down for $3.00. Proceeds from the dress down benefit a variety of non-profit organizations. Any associate can sponsor an organization of their choice but the organization must be a certified non-profit. On January 11th the dress down benefited Horowitz Trading West, a shop located in lower Queen Anne where proceeds go to support the public schools in the community. Below is a letter written to us by Sam Horowitz, son of the shop’s owner (Jane Horowitz) and fellow corporate office associate.
Dear Ben Bridge Family,
I think it is so cool that you are having a dress-down day to help my Mom’s shop!!! She needs all the help she can get. Actually, in the shop she gets a lot of help from people who come to volunteer. They come in looking for something they need or want or collect and somehow they end up being part of her volunteer family. It can be pretty fun to be there. They come from a lot of different countries or from next door and they are of every age. I think the Magic happens because my Mom asks you to pay what your heart or head tells you and the money pays for programs in the local public schools. It is not skillions of dollars but every little bit matters. (My mom is very involved in the schools and that is another story.) Some people who have money--she calls it “discretionary income”-- come in and that’s great but sometimes the right answer to that heart and head question is,” (I have) no dollars and no cents” and her friends who sell Real Change for example can get blankets, socks, hats and jackets when it is damp and cold outside for that price. I get to see this and other kids do too. It all feels weird sometimes, but I also know I’m watching something pretty important.--Not to mention all the stuff we keep out of the landfill by repurposing and recycling. Geez.
A couple important people have told her that her shop “Should be a template for every community.” I’m not sure what that means but it made my mom really smile on a day she was really tired.
In December she got a new landlord who is a big developer... You can imagine what that means....
My mom needs your help in keeping her vision alive!!!
Sam Horowitz, Age: 13--for nine more days....

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