It’s late July, high summer, and one of my favorite times of year.  Why?  Because it’s “Leo time” and that means my birthday is coming up.  For those of us born on the July-side of Leo, ruby is our birthstone which I LOVE, but as I’ve spent time over the years talking about favorite gems with, well, everyone, I’ve discovered that a lot of people aren’t crazy about their birthstone- and really, why should we be confined to a gemstone list that was compiled in 1912?  Everyone deserves to have a gemstone or piece of jewelry they connect with and feels special to them, so in honor of birthday jewelry worth celebrating I’ll be compiling a list each month of jewels suited to each star sign.

Leo: July 23-August 22

Depending on which source you read there are several stones associated with Leo, but the gem most frequently linked to the lion is black onyx.  Onyx is said to promote optimism and energy, as well as provide focus on your greater purpose and enhance Leo’s naturally charismatic charm and intelligence.




A striking example of the beauty of onyx, this ring features a cushion-shaped cabochon onyx gemstone framed by glittering white sapphires, set in 14K white gold.  A detailed gallery with scalloped edging completes the design.  A great pick for Leos because we love to accessorize with attention-grabbing pieces, but the monochromatic palate of this cocktail ring and the durability of the gems make it well-suited for daily wear.


Black Onyx and Gold Earrings 11388675

Polished pyramid cut black onyx earrings framed by bezels of 14K yellow gold.



I love the mysterious combination of opaque black and textured yellow gold.  The pyramid design is one part nod to Egyptian ingenuity and one part nod to the studded style iconic of 80’s punk rock- either way these earrings pack a dramatic punch.







Leos are ruled by the sun, and as many cultures have historically linked the rich yellow color and shimmering aspect of gold to the sun, yellow gold jewelry also makes a great gift for those born under the sign of Leo.  This gold bar necklace is perfect because it can be engraved with a personal message, name, or date to make the gift even more special.



I hope these picks have helped to inspire you for the month and to begin thinking about which gems and jewelry are meaningful to you and represent your personality traits.

Until next time, keep shining!