The end of September brought the official end of summer, meaning the start of fall and birthday time for Libra! Sources can vary over the official stone of the star sign, but many agree that Opal is the perfect gem to enhance Libra’s natural creativity and sophisticated nature.

Libra: September 23rd to October 22nd

Opal has been treasured since the Middle Ages, when it was believed to bring great luck due to possessing the colors and virtues of many other gemstones. Bring some luck to your life every day with this Opal Pendant, which will spark the creative fire within the artistic Libra. Shop other opals here.





Libras, represented by the scales, are known for valuing balance. The subtle shimmer and graceful shape of these gold dangle earrings will help anyone keep a balance with a busy fall schedule. These also make a perfect birthday present for any Libra!





Libras born in September will love this ring, featuring their sapphire birthstone and diamonds in a delicate floral pattern. A great pick for all Libras, since the sign is known to appreciate the lovely, finer things life has to offer.






This exclusive Lisa Bridge necklace features genuine gemstones in various shades of
blue – Libra’s power colors! Light blue is symbolic of style and sophistication, and will inspire and offer illumination to any Libra. This piece is part of Lisa Bridge’s Santorini collection, inspired by the bright blue sea and soft skies of the Mediterranean paradise.





Hopefully these picks provide some sparkle for the creative Libra, and a little bit of autumn inspiration for all of the star signs! Be sure to check back next time for Scorpio’s selections.

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