Happy Birthday Sagittarius! Born between November 22nd – December 21st, the quintessential Sagittarius is optimistic and enthusiastic with a positive energy and incredible curiosity. Sagittarians are well-known travelers; their open minds and wanderlust motivate them to travel the world and explore different cultures. The following are a few of our favorite selections for Sagittarius.


A perfect mix of symbolism and trendiness, this Arrow Diamond Ring is a clear pick for Sagittarius. Also known as the archer, the star sign is represented in the zodiac with the symbol of a bow and arrow. This ring can be worn on its own, or combined with other rings for a trendy ring stack. (It’s also available in midi size here). There’s an art to stacking jewelry, and the creative Sagittarian will love playing around with different combinations.



With a Sagittarius constantly on-the-go, a good watch is absolutely vital. One of our favorite picks for the travel-savvy Sagittarius is this Movado BOLD watch in Rose Gold. Rose gold is a trend that has proven to last and this watch will look perfect on the arm of any stylish Sagittarius!




These stunning Amethyst Earrings must have been created with Sagittarius in mind – Astrological experts consider Amethyst to be a stone strongly associated with Sagittarius, and both the deep and light purple hues are power colors for the star sign. Wear these when you need to feel especially powerful and they will provide that necessary extra confidence boost.



It’s no wonder Sagittarius is represented by the element of fire. In the zodiac, fire represents enthusiasm and optimism, two defining characteristics of Sagittarius. Another symbolic choice for the star sign; this Ruby & Diamond Pendant can express the inner fire of the wearer. Throughout much of history, rubies were believed to possess an inextinguishable flame. Give your Sagittarius the gift of genuine, natural gemstones that are sure to impress.


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