Greetings from Basel!

Our first day was a great success even though we are moving a little slow due to jet lag. I can’t possibly tell you all the things we’ve seen so I will touch on a few highlights.


We started off at Corum. Corum is a brand that’s been around for 50 years and is best known for the coin watch. As it’s evolved it’s become much more, they have delved into sailing watches like the Admirals Cup and this year are introducing a new dive watch. The Deep Hull is a sophisticated dive watch that is a limited edition and really cool!  The US will only see about 100 units of the 500 being produced in the regular titanium version and will only see about 25 of the 255 produced in the PVD all black version. They had a number of other offerings including Admirals Cups with complications like a Foudroyante which times to one eighth of a second. Those too are limited editions.


My favorite appointment of the day was with a new upstart brand we will soon be launching in some of our stores. TW Steel (The Watch) is a great value for an oversized manly watch. Most of the watches are 45mm in size- some larger. It is a men’s line with simple readable dials (except the “Cool Black” which has black numerals on a black dial) with oversized crowns all on straps. They are a ton of look for not a lot of money.  I am excited for my return to launch these in some of our stores.

Last and certainly not least, a sneak peek into an appointment we have Saturday-Rolex!  We always have to peruse the windows first thing at the show to see what they are launching. We all knew there would be a new Steel Submariner but they also launched a new Submariner with a green dial and green bezel. It looks great – I can’t wait to see it in person on Saturday. I don’t want to spoil Saturday’s blog by telling you any more about the windows but there are some really exciting ladies pieces coming too-stuff we’ve been waiting for!