Growing up, I had a pen pal who lived a few hours away.  Her name was also Lisa, and as we signed our Lisa Frank stationary to each other, we signed it with two cursive Ls that formed a heart shape.  While I’ve generally moved away from hearts and Lisa Frank stationary, my love of cursive Ls remains.

Today, when writing to those close to me I often sign with simply an L.  Somehow it feels more personal.  As I designed my collection I wanted it to be a personal expression that had my signature to it.  The L felt like the appropriate way of doing just that.  Each piece has that extra detail and care in how it was made.

Initial mold of the Orange Moonstone Sugarloaf ring from the San Juans Collection

Casting of the Orange Moonstone Sugarloaf ring


Finished Orange Moonstone Sugarloaf Ring

I love when jewelry is finished beautifully, particularly the inside of rings.  How does it feel when it slips on to your finger?  Is it smooth and comfortable?  My grandmother told my mom that when sewing clothes they have to be just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, and so I decided that all of my pieces should have that extra finishing that made them feel good to wear.

The secret L on each piece is just a little touch from me to the woman wearing it.

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L logo on backside of blue chalcedony pendant