Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a challenge. Ben Bridge Jeweler is turning the “dash” for an engagement ring into an adventure fusing technology and local landmarks.

On Saturday, August 24th, Ben Bridge will award a $12,000 Ikuma diamond wedding set to the winners of a text message based scavenger hunt on the streets of Seattle. Runners-up will receive a pair of Tissot watches or a pearl suite and everyone who participates will go home with a prize package from Ben Bridge Jeweler.

“We’ve enjoyed being a part of Seattlite’s lives for over a century, so we are excited to be able to be a part of this lucky winners’ engagement story,” says Lisa Bridge of Ben Bridge Jeweler. “By hosting this event, we are able to have a little fun while giving away a beautiful diamond ring.”

Ben Bridge Jeweler is partnering with KISS FM Seattle and the Jackie and Bender Morning Show to give couples the ability to solve challenges from their cell phones at locations all over the city to earn points for a chance to win a $12,000 Ikuma diamond wedding set.

Future “Dashes” are schedule in four cities across the US including: Portland (9/21), Austin (10/19), Houston (11/2), and Honolulu (11/23).


Is the event rain or shine?

Not even Mother Nature herself will stop the Dashing.  However, if bad weather is expected, BYOU (umbrella) to keep those electronic devices dry and protected!

How much does the event cost?

You know what they say about FREE don’t you?  “Nothing in life is free – except the Ben Bridge Ring Dash.”  Not only that, you’ll walk away with some pretty cool swag!

Tell me more about the free swag?!

We can’t reveal the details but let’s just say we got your back covered literally and figuratively!

I’m sizing up the competition and wondering: How many people are expected to be Dashing?

Although this number could vary, we anticipate roughly 250 excited couples.

What do the 2nd and 3rd place prizes look like?

We’re happy you asked – here they are!

2nd Place Tissot for Him

(2nd) Tissot: His…

2nd Place Tissot for her.

…and Hers!

3rd Place Pearl Suite

(3rd) Pearl Suite








How long will it take to hear if I was selected?

Our team is working hard to get back to participants within 24 to 48 hours.

How do I improve my odds of being selected to participate?

While we’d like to accept everyone, it isn’t always possible depending on venues and other constraints. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of being selected. First, sign up early.  Also, tell us a good, honest reason why you’d like to participate. Finally, a little birdie told us that signing up for the Ben Bridge newsletter might also help…

Do I need to be smart to win?

We’ve purposely designed the game to give everyone an equal shot at winning.  The questions are tricky but it’s more about observation and working with your partner to be fast and efficient.  In other words, being “street smart” might pay off more than being “book smart.”

I have an iPad with iMessage and a 4G data plan. Can I use that as my mobile device?

Unfortunately, you may only use cellular enables devices.  We ask for a cell phone number at sign up so that we can check to make sure the game will work with your device.

Am I going to end up in pictures and videos if I participate?

When you sign-in on site, we’ll have you fill out a media release form. There’s a chance you’ll end up in a photo we post on our social media sites or a YouTube video on our page or future event promotions.

There are 5 Ring Dashes?!  Can I participate in more than one?

Yes and Yes. However, you cannot win more than once.

Announcing the 2013 Ben Bridge Ring Dash!

Announcing the 2013 Ben Bridge Ring Dash!