Earth Day Facebook Post

Earth Day Facebook Post

While we agree with many who feel everyday should be considered Earth Day, this year we had a few extra special ideas to make a difference on April 22nd.  In that regard, we teamed up with Ecoura and wanted to share the results of our combined efforts.

At around 9:30 am PT we posted an image of a tree on our Facebook page prompting our fans to like the post.  For every 100 likes the post received, we promised we’d plant a tree.  The results were very exciting to say the least!  By midnight, we were pleased to announce we would be planting 15 trees thanks to the 1,500+ likes the post received.

While we couldn’t be happier about the amount of likes the post received, it was equally exciting to see the amount of people that shared the post with their friends and family on Facebook.  With nearly 200 unique shares, our Earth Day post easily became our most shared, viral post ever.  One our our Facebook fans, Mia L., left us this touching message:

“Trees are the lungs of our planet, so happy Ben Bridge recognizes the importance of giving back to the Earth we all have to share!”

Ecoura plants a tree for every engagement ring

Ecoura plants a tree for every engagement ring

First and foremost, thank you to Ecoura and all of our Facebook fans that helped by liking and sharing our post.  We’re also excited to announce that the trees have been planted!  All 15 trees were planted in the Baraboo Hills Forest in Wisconsin.  They are a combination of Red Oak, White Oak and Swamp Oak trees.  Though the forest is intact in some ways, parts were converted to agricultural lands many years ago.  Nonetheless, our trees are steps to restore those old fields back to tree cover – which is of particular need for certain neotropical migrating bird species that need large blocks of unfragmented forest to endure.  By filling in the gaps, we are aiming to make the forest more contiguous.

We also had some fun on Pinterest, which is a great place to celebrate Earth 365 days a year.  We started a community board sharing inspiring Earth images, go green tips, Earth Day quotes, do-it-yourself projects, Earth conscious jewelry, and more!  If you’d like an invite to pin to the board, email

About The Ecoura Promise

Ecoura lives and breathes a vision to make a global change.  As jewelry makers, Ecoura cherishes the Earth’s natural beauty and have committed to better balancing their environmental impact. To celebrate everlasting love, Ecoura engagement rings will contribute to reforestation by having a tree planted for your engagement.  Additionally, all Ecoura collections are crafted from renewed gold that is more harmonious with nature.

When you wear Ecoura, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you have taken a progressive step towards the betterment of the world. Ecoura’s dream is to ensure that our planet remains healthy for future generations to come so that our children and grandchildren may enjoy the same luxuries that we do today.

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