Most people think that the person proposing has the most difficult job, selecting an engagement ring, but really it’s their friend/jeweler who feels the pressure.  At least I do!

Emily & Brian

Emily & Brian, Married May 2012

One of the greatest honors I have in the jewelry business is helping my friends and my friends’ significant others find the perfect engagement ring.  I am privileged to keep many secrets.

Marc & Julia

Marc & Julia, Married August 2012

When looking for a friend’s engagement ring I feel the gravity of the ring’s symbolism and want it to be exactly right.  After all, both parties are relying on me!

Laura & Jon

Laura & Jon, Married July 2013

I think not only about what’s beautiful, but also what reminds me of their personality or character, how they’ll wear it, and also what their soon-to-be fiancé likes.  I think back on conversations we’ve had over the years, what they’ve admired and what they’ve shared.

Carrie & Aaron

Carrie & Aaron, Married November 2014

Part of the reason I love getting to be part of this moment is because of the relationship it allows me to build with my friend’s significant other; some of whom I know well, some I’m getting to know much better.  Getting to hear from them why they want to spend their life with my friend is intimate and moving.

Mel & Jeff

Melanie & Jeff, Married September 2013

Years after each couple is married, I still treasure those intimate moments of anticipation, nerves, excitement and ultimately love.  It’s intensely personal and I am appreciative of my friends who have allowed me to be a part of their life and story.

Carie & Eric

Carie & Eric, Married January 2012

Being at a wedding and being introduced as the ‘jeweler’ or getting to share with other guests that I’m a part of their exchange of rings is something I treasure.

Sarah & Adam

Sarah & Adam, Married July 2014

So who’s getting engaged next?  I’ll never tell, but when they do, you may see a little conspiratorial twinkle in my eyes.

Amy & Bob

Amy & Bob, Married October 2013


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