Associates in 1920s attireThey call it the “Roaring 20s” for a reason.  Following World War I, many countries saw a boom economically, socially, and artistically.  In the United States, the car industry was thriving, Jazz music was popular, Babe Ruth was king, Art Deco peaked, and the flapper movement was, well… liberal.  Many industries — film, fashion and sports included — saw great growth as the media focused most of its attention on celebrities, movie stars and athletes.


It’s no surprise that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” (set in 1922, published in 1925) has since been recognized as one of the great American novels.  Its themes are timeless, its characters are relatable and the plotline is memorable.  And that jewelry!  For Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, gold and pearls are constant symbols of status, power and wealth – irregardless of their dishonest means.

Original 1924 cover artFashion and jewelry trends of the 1920s played a big role in The Great Gatsby novel and subsequent films.  In fact, one title Fitzgerald considered for the novel was “Gold-Hatted Gatsby.”  If you look closely at the novel’s original cover art you’ll see pearls on the silhouetted woman between her eyes and the book’s spine.  Director Baz Luhrmann took notice.  If the new movie poster for the 5th film adaptation is any indication, the jewelry on the big screen is sure to impress and inspire on opening night, May 10th.  Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan are set to star after years of rumors, countless trailers, and a phenomenal soundtrack released this week on NPR Music.  Excited is an understatement for many, including most of us at Ben Bridge!


0a59654f52ca02fe2b3b8a0ca34e46cfIt’s rare for a film to create so much buzz around our office and stores.  You might have noticed a tweet or two from us after the most recent trailer. In the meantime, we’ve been having more fun online with release so imminent.  On Pinterest, we’re adding to our Gatsby Glamour board daily.  On Facebook, we featured the same style earrings Mulligan wears onscreen in a recent post.  And yes, we’ve kept the tweets coming!


We can’t wait to see one of America’s great directors take on one of the great American novels and time periods.  Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet” featured beautiful language and romance.  Moulin Rouge was all about the music and glitz and glam.  According to Jay-Z, soundtrack executive producer, The Great Gatsby is about “yellow cars, yellow gold.”  As it should be.  We tip our gold hat to you Baz.  Congratulations and thank you for taking us back for a roaring good time with your gem of a film.

Here’s to you, 1922.

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