I’m still singing this morning after an amazing private performance by Vance Joy.  It was an amazing culmination to my collection launch with KISS FM Seattle.

Having given away tickets on KISS 106.1, we had a packed venue for our Girls Night Out!  I loved getting to share the collection and a bit of the stories with everyone attending.  Bender from the morning show hosted and did a Q&A with me and Vance (let’s just say I’m happy that I went first).

I’m a big fan of music, with music accompanying me throughout my day, so getting to hear it live is always a treat!  Even better when you get to do so up close!

Before he went on stage I was lucky enough to get to meet Vance and take a photo with him.  While his people were rushing us through and I had to dash to the stage myself, he was very sweet and personable.  From that impression to his presence on stage, he’s definitely the kind of musician you are happy to root for their success.  I’m excited for the exposure he’s going to gain touring with Taylor Swift this summer.

I was absolutely delighted at the generous comments people attending had to say about the collection.  It means the world to me that people are loving the pieces, that’s really what it’s all about!

I am so appreciative of the BB team that helped with the event and to make the collection a success!  I can’t wait to see what comes next for the Lisa Bridge Collection!

From now on when hear Riptide or anything from Vance, I’ll be singing just a little bit louder…I apologize in advance.

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