Right in time for Valentine’s Day I’ve introduced some new (and thematic) pieces to my collection.  Being in love is an incredible thing, and I wanted to create special pieces to celebrate it.

I set out to create a contemporary necklace that could be worn every day (by itself or stacked with other pendants – I love things that do double duty!).

The pendant that resulted has an asymmetrical design that represents the steps of a relationship and the love that grows over time.  The center heart, sparkling with diamonds, moves as you do.  Just like a love that shifts and evolves over time.

Hearts Combined Pendant

To complement the look I made matching earrings that can be worn every day, classic with a bit of sparkle!  With each piece for $99, they are an endearing symbol and a new wardrobe staple.

Hearts Combined Earrings

Happy Valentine’s Day!


love life, live genuinely,