It is with the greatest pleasure (and just a skotch of anxiety) that I share my vision for what jewelry should be: fun, colorful, and genuine.


Having grown up in the jewelry business, surrounded by all things sparkly, I have a natural love of fine jewelry.  It occurred to me a few years ago that my friends were wearing pretty jewelry but so much of it wasn’t real and wouldn’t last.  How could I use what I know of jewelry and gemstones to create something real that they could buy for themselves and love wearing?

 Lisa Bridge Collection

Tagging along on buying trips I love seeing new designs and imagining the person who will end up wearing it.  It has always brought me such satisfaction to help select a piece of jewelry and then to see someone wear and enjoy it.


Now I have been given the latitude to put together a collection of my vision to live inside our Ben Bridge stores.  Creating these pieces has been an incredible joy and I hope that that is the feeling they give to the women wearing them.  Enjoy!

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love life, live genuinely