I love long necklaces.  They make everything instantly more chic.  I have a few long necklaces that are staples in my wardrobe because they can make a classic shift dress (speaking of wardrobe staples…) interesting and fun.  When I went to design my collection I knew it had to include at least a couple of long necklaces.

In one necklace, I paired labradorite with rainbow moonstone, two special and uncommon gemstones.  Beautiful labradorite shows flashes of blue and green as it moves and dances with the light.  Rainbow moonstone is (gemologically) a variety of labradorite, and demonstrates similar waves of blue.  It seems appropriate that they should play well together in this necklace.

The two stones also balance each other because labradorite feels dark and mysterious whereas rainbow moonstone feels bright and joyous.  A friend (who bought the necklace for herself) was just commenting to me how she loves that the gemstones look different depending on what she’s wearing.

Earlier this year, inspired by the necklace, I picked up a labradorite specimen to add to my gemstone collection.  I love walking in to my office and seeing the spectral colors captured by the changing light.

Labradorite Speciman

Labradorite Speciman from Madagascar


Each necklace is different because every stone is unique.  They are different shapes, have different labradorescence (how’s that for a gemological term), and are each cut and set individually to bring out their beauty.

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