It was a total pinch-me-moment last week as we photographed lifestyle shots of the Lisa Bridge Collection.  By a pinch-me-moment, I mean that a couple of times I literally reached over to my brother, (and VP of Marketing) Marc, and grabbed his arm.  Seeing jewelry that I had sketched on a piece of paper come to life and being worn and photographed was incredibly surreal.

Surreal moment of jewelry coming to life

While we’ve taken many beautiful images of our jewelry over the years, this was the first time we’ve take lifestyle photographs of a collection.  Putting it together was an exciting adventure.  We selected a model for the shoot who had the right energy and look to capture the brand (she even is an entrepreneur who has her own startup).

Prepping for Evening Look

Last minute prepping on location

Our wonderfully talented stylist brought an overflowing rack of clothes to choose from and had me pegged by bringing many of my favorite designers.  Each outfit was carefully selected to fit the jewelry and the mood we were trying to strike.  With three different looks we tried to capture different moods and ways of styling the collection: one business/on-the-go, one Saturday afternoon, and one evening look.

Outfit Selections

Wide array of wardrobe options

When I arrived at the location of our shoot, the gorgeous Volunteer Park in Seattle, the team was ready to go, having scouted the perfect locations and had a plethora of props on hand.  They were even able to create a café scene at a water tower when our real café became too busy.

Evening Look

Our new outdoor cafe

You never know what you’ll find when shooting on site.  As we were shooting our third scene we heard the faint sound of an ice cream truck.  The familiar song grew louder as it drew closer and after a few somewhat subtle suggestions; we decided to see if we could shoot by the truck.  Luckily, the driver was amenable and we took colorful, fun shots with the bright cones as a backdrop.

Ice Cream Truck

Summer moment with the ice cream truck

I can hardly stand the wait to see the final images and to see all of the ways we use them.  It is my hope that they capture the joy and spirit of the jewelry and the lives that I hope that they will be a part of.

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