The Cascades are my happy place; an old friend that always helps ground me.  Growing up in the Northwest the mountains are a constant presence.  Skiing in the fresh air, amongst the snow covered, but still green trees, or hiking to a pristine alpine lake, I leave able to breathe a bit more deeply.

View of the Cascade Mountain Range

The Saturday after launching my collection I was emotionally and physically exhausted, yet I knew a day on the ski slopes, in the fresh air would rejuvenate me more than an extra hour or two of sleep.  As I swooshed down the hill a smile spread across my face and as I sat on the chairlift looking at my surroundings I felt a wonderful sense of calm.  There is something about being amongst natural beauty both in the sweeping vistas and the individual trees.

Boarding the chairlift

View while skiing in the Cascade Mountains

One of the reasons I love gemstones is that the earth created something so spectacular; the same reason I love the raw natural beauty of the Cascades.  Each piece in the Cascades Collection is unique because of the gemstones.  Each one is cut to capture their natural beauty.

The rutilated quartz earrings capture the pine needles in a forest of trees, while the moss agate pendant freezes a damp moment in time.  In my designs and in my life, I connect to places with spectacular scenery, particularly one that has always held such an important place in my life.

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