My eyes grew wide as I pulled the drapes open in the ‘Ciudad Maravillosa’ for the first time.  The ‘wonderful city’, also known as Rio de Janeiro, took my breath away.  The joy from the trip and from celebrating my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary added to the spirit I felt.  I’ve seen some beautiful places, but there was something about Rio, an energy perhaps, that was irresistible.


Gorgeous beach of Ipanema

My pulse quickened walking down Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, and I could hear songs playing in my head.  I stood awestruck by the giant, colorful, and unusual plants at the botanical gardens.  I furiously snapped pictures of curious monkeys and electric blue butterflies.


Absolutely giant lily pads


Awkwardly friendly monkey


The Corcovado and Sugarloaf mountains rose dramatically from the water and the juxtaposition between the rich foliage and the perfect water painted a landscape special and unique.


View of Sugarloaf Mountain

The balance of shape and color as well as the exuberance of the city became the feeling of my Rio Collection, each piece bringing its own energy and joy.


Ipanema Beach

Contrasting blue and green in the water and mountains reflected in a bib necklace.


Colors and shapes of a bangle that dance and celebrate like the celebration of Carnival.

Lush green colors of the verdant landscape inspired a ring of evergreen hues.

I hope that each piece brings the same kind of joy that I felt in Rio and had in creating them.

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