There’s a moment when I step on to a ferry when I look out at the water and islands ahead and I take a deep breathe.  One of those soul-giving breathes that takes stress and busyness away with the exhale.


My photo of the view from the house on Lopez Island.

In most other places I feel compelled to dash, to tour, to visit, but here, I feel compelled just to be.  For my birthday last year, I spent a weekend with friends on Lopez Island.  On Saturday morning, I woke up, made a cup of tea, and then perched myself on a rock overlooking the incredible vista.

I loved that as we drove around the island, everyone waved.  We asked a shopkeeper about it and he told us that’s what Lopezians (people who live on Lopez Island) do.  They are friendly and give a small wave to each passerby.  What a lovely and friendly gesture!

The natural beauty of the islands astounds me.  The lush foliage watered by the temperate climate, the island chain dotting the path towards Canada, and the rolling hills that create new adventures around each turn.

The relaxed and almost ethereal landscape led me to soft gemstones both in color and in shape.  Each piece inspired by the beauty of the islands and strives to capture the emotions I feel there.

love life, live genuinely

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