Rising sharply from the sea, the horseshoe shaped island of Santorini is a spectacular sight.  Visiting with my family, we were faced with a choice of how to reach the city above, take the stable cable car or ride up a series of switchbacks on a donkey.  While my parents and grandparents chose the cable car, obviously my brother and I opted to put our lives in the care of a donkey.

After the attendant helped us swing on to the donkeys, he gave them a pat and up the donkeys went without a leader.  Unsure of how to speak to a donkey, let alone one who is Greek, I could only hope for the best as we journeyed up.  At each turn I tried to take in the incredible views in between moments of panic for the path I had chosen.  Fortunately, we made it to the top and another man was there to help us off of our new friends.



Once on solid ground, I looked around and truly lost my breath.  The city and the view were unlike anything I had seen before.  The shades of blue from the water, the sky, and the rooftops were a veritable box of crayons.  I knew I had to share these colors.

The refreshing breeze and easy going feel influenced the designs of my Santorini Collection, each piece encapsulating part of the spectacular vista in shape, color, and design.

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