SJwp-52 (2)_1By Stephanie Carlson

My story with Ben Bridge Jewelers started when I became engaged on Christmas Eve. A big part of my engagement and wedding was possible through the help and support of my Ben Bridge Family.

My husband Joe had a vision of what he thought would be the ideal ring for me. But he was not having the greatest luck in having his vision created until he met Kristin Peterson. Kristin, who I refer to as the ‘Diamond Whisperer”, has a natural talent for putting together the most beautiful creations. This is why she is in charge of fashioning the Ben Bridge Trunk Shows. She went out of her way calling a variety a pear diamonds and settings that fit perfectly in to Joe’s budget. Then Kristin personally took these items to the Downtown Seattle Store where she gently guided Joe in his purchase. From there she personally over saw the creation of the ring. When completed it was exactly what he had wanted.


When my husband asked me to marry him he did not do it the traditional manner. We were at the park playing in the snow with our dog, Jasper. Joe asked if I wanted to open one of my Christmas presents early. Then he pulled out a present from his pocket. I opened it and then was dumbfounded. Not saying anything for a while he started to worry. Of course I said yes once the shock wore off. Then got even more excited when I saw it was a fancy yellow diamond, my favorite! Asking how he did it, he told me he had some incredible help.


Getting engaged on Christmas Eve, we decided it only natural to get married on New Year’s Eve. Planning our wedding was not an easy feat as we both came from large families. Our guest list was quickly up to 300 people.

We had a large wedding party containing seven bridesmaids, seven groomsmen, and four ushers. We were planning on getting them all gifts (not to mention our parents). We knew we would be turning to Ben Bridge for help. We wanted to make sure the presents reflected how important each person was to us.

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Ben Bridge had a wide variety of great bridesmaids’ gifts that were within my price range, but I decided to present each of my bridesmaids with a pearl bracelet. These bracelets reflected the elegance and quality I wanted and that Ben Bridge is known for.

SJwp-299 (2)

For our mother’s gifts we decided to go with similar bracelet as the bridesmaids but added matching earrings. We were able to get these in a slightly different color to differentiate between the mothers and bridesmaids.

SJf-136 (2)

We decided on a Mont Blanc pen for my father. It was a handsome and practical gift, and one that would be a symbol of our appreciation to him.

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Stay tuned for how Stephanie found a way to bejewel her dog and her cake!

Stephanie Carlson is in the Distribution Department at our Corporate Headquarters.