Deciding on my husband’s wedding band was difficult because he did not want any diamonds, gold, or platinum. Seeking out advice or suggestions from Laura Barringer, the Color and Gold Buyer, she suggested a titanium or tungsten ring. Not only did these meet Joe’s specifications but the band was so reasonably priced, it didn’t break our budget. Ben Bridge had a wide selection to choose from so that I did not feel I was choosing a style everyone else would have.

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For my own personal jewlery I wanted to stay simple and elegent as my dress already had a lot of detail and beading. I chose to wear a solitaire necklace and pearl bracelet to my match my bridesmaids. As a wedding gift, Joe gave me a pair of solitaire earrings. These were perfect accessory to complete my ensemble.

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Of course with Jasper (our dog) in our wedding we wanted to make sure he was decked out in his finest as well.Ben Bridge has a wide variety of dog tags to choose from. So we decided to get Jasper a stainless steel dog tag with a single diamond. We then had it engraved with his new last name “Jasper Kinsella.” That way if he wandered off everyone knew who he belonged to.

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We were very lucky that our friend Hannah Myers is a pastry chef, and she decided to make our wedding cake for us. I knew I wanted it to be unique and different. We came up with the idea of putting pearls on the cake. Surprisingly, it was less expensive to purchase Ben Bridge’s 100 inch pearl strands than buying pastry pearls. (Don’t worry these were not placed on the sheet cakes that our guests ate). The best part was that I am going to take the pearls from that cake and have them restrung into necklaces for our moms for Christmas.


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Joe and I would like to say thank you to everyone in the Ben Bridge Family who made our day unforgettable!

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