The moment before each model walked the stage I double checked the list I had carefully made of the model, the dress, and of course the jewelry.  Watching as each woman was gently nudged out when it was her time.

Ready to work the runway

To help celebrate the Chinese New Year at a gala in Seattle, the incredibly talented Luly Yang presented 36 of her favorite looks.  She has presented at the 600-person event before, but this year my jewelry and I got to be a part of it.

Luly, with her elegant boutique in the Fairmont Olympic, is a staple in Seattle and I have long dreamt of her dresses.  When I was working summers in the office during high school and college, I would hope for a red stoplight outside of her store so I could look at the gorgeous creations in her windows on my commute to work.

Luly’s sumptuous creations

Last week I visited those windows to walk through the dresses in the fashion show to decide how we wanted to style the jewelry (my jewelry).  We looked at the large cardboard stand of images, pulling the occasional dress to see the colors and detailing in person.


The fashion show laid out

Matching the dress’s detailing to jewelry from the Lisa Bridge Collection











As the gala really got started I became nervous, was the timing right?  Would we have enough time to get the jewelry on each model?  My team and I went backstage early to get the jewelry organized and on the models.  Some would wear one suite of jewelry for all of their four looks and others changed with every gown.

Most of my stellar backstage team

Hard at work organizing the jewelry

I was amused watching all of the models in the moments before the show.  Some were rocking out to the music, some were taking a last moment to sit in their uncomfortable heels, and some were adjusting their bangs and debating whether their hair should be behind their ears or in front.

The line up

Waiting for the cue

My pinch me moment came after all of the models were successfully dressed and walking their fourth and final look.  The finale dress was Luly’s iconic butterfly dress and she personally fluffed and adjusted the dress before the model walked the runway.

Luly prepping her iconic butterfly dress

Getting to show off my jewelry in this special way was a dream, one that high school Lisa would find quite hard to believe.

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