Allow me to geek out for a moment.  I love that moonstone is a “phenomenal gem” and I mean that in both the technical and the descriptive sense.  Moonstone seems to almost glow with an effect called adularescence (how’s that for a word?!).  As moonstone moves, light rolls across the stone in an ethereal way.

Moonstone’s popularity has ebbed and flowed with the era.  It enjoyed great popularity during the Art Nouveau era (end of the 1800s and beginning of the 1900s) when the prevalent designers created romantic designs and it came back in to vogue with the ethereal 1960s, flower child period.  Today it is back in the spotlight.

Moonstone can come in many colors, but I selected a mysterious grey for a suite with contrasting diamonds, a creamsicle orange for earrings and a ring, and a long necklace that mixes orange, grey, and classic white moonstones.  Each one fits in to the soft, relaxed, otherworldly, San Juans Collection.


The color and smooth texture make me want to rub each gem for good luck.  I can’t imagine a gentle rub will make magic happen, but, who knows!

love life, live genuinely

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