Sometimes inspiration comes from a destination, thinking about a romantic, faraway place, and sometimes it comes from a fascinating gemstone that just speaks to you.

That’s just what happened when I found a beautiful piece of Blue Lace Agate.  I was captivated by the light banding that flowed through it, the watery shapes that were made by its movement.

I had to own the piece and dream about the jewelry that could be made from it.  I thought about a pendant or a ring, but the delicate banding was lost when it sat up against skin.  It needed light to shine through.


I debated adding detailing, a silver bezel around the gemstone or beads that hung below?  Something held me back, something that said, keep it simple and show off the beauty of nature.  So I did.  I sketched a simple shepherd’s hook from which the gemstone could hang and I let the gemstone do the talking.

The first sample that arrived came with a nice even color to the blue lace agate.  The craftsman who cut the gemstone tried to achieve an even coloration.  Which was lovely, but was the opposite of what I envisioned and what I loved about the stone I had found.

I redirected him and was delighted with the earrings when they landed on my desk!

The clean setting shows off the beauty of each unique gemstone.  Since the beauty of nature created them, no two pairs of gemstones are exactly alike, a gem as unique as the woman wearing them.


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