Yesterday, Marc and I journeyed up to Anchorage to surprise the lucky winners of the Ben Bridge Wedding of the Century.  After months of thinking and preparing, the contest was finally coming to its apex.

We landed in 9-degree weather two days before the Iditarod kicks off, what a dramatic moment we have chosen.  In our tiny snow covered Prius two Seattle kids trekked around Anchorage finalizing details for the big reveal.

Jamie and Tom thought that they were just coming to the store to get their photos taken as finalists, they had no idea that we were waiting in the back room to make the big announcement.

They spent a few minutes admiring and trying on the merchandise that they had already won.  Tom selected his ArtCarved wedding band and had his finger sized, Jamie put on her Mikimoto pearl earrings and our watchmaker, Dave, took her Raymond Weil watch to be sized.

At about ten after seven Conor received a phone call.  He spent a moment or two on the phone to find out…they’d won!  Marc and I popped out from the back room with balloons, giant check, and inflatable giraffe in tow.  Surprise turned to shock as Jamie and Tom tried to grasp what was happening.


Marc congratulated the couple and told them about all of their prizes.  Each Ben Bridge associate then presented the lucky couple with the additional pieces, earrings for the maid of honor, cufflinks for the best man, and ending with the stunning 2ct wedding set!  We’ve seen some beautiful diamonds and rings in our stores, but there was just something special about this one, everyone who saw it just loved it!  When Conor, the store manager, handed Tom the box, he immediately went down on one knee and presented it to Jamie.  Wild applause from everyone there!

Jamie’s parents hadn’t come with them, as it was her mom’s birthday.  Shortly after finding out that they’d won, she made a phone call to let her parents know.  Apparently her parents dropped everything and dashed to the store to be part of the celebration.  The most touching moment of the night for me was when Jamie’s parents ran in, threw open their arms, and embraced Jamie and Tom.

Her parents have been married for almost 39 years and are thrilled to celebrate the start of Jamie and Tom’s lives together.  It was easy to see how much love and respect there is amongst all of them.

Jamie and Tom showed their parents their new bling and we talked about the details of the incredible honeymoon Forevermark was providing.  Two nights in Johannesburg, five nights at a luxury camp in Botswana, and a visit to a DeBeers mine!  There were lots of offers to carry their luggage by the rest of us!

This has been an incredible contest to be a part of; it has been exciting and touching to see the pictures and entries of all of the couples entering the contest.

Best wishes to Jamie and Tom on their wedding and the start of their lives together!  Thanks for letting us be a small part of it!