I always said, ‘Whenever Chaitu gets married, I’m going!’ When else would I have the chance to attend a spectacular wedding in India?

Wedding Hall

The wedding reception at the Maharaja’s palace.

So when I received that invitation for my friend from gemological school’s wedding, I booked my trip. The call of the colorful celebrations was just too strong, I couldn’t resist!

Bride and Groom 2

Beautiful bride and groom

The first wedding celebration I attended in Bangalore was at the bride’s family home. Draped in swaths of orange and gold, the house looked like a celebration of its own. There I joined the women in the family and bridal party in filling my hands with henna. I tried as hard as I could to sit still and let them dry, being advised that the longer the thick ink sits, the darker the henna would be.

Lisa Getting Henna

Having intricate henna done.

Showing Henna

Amazed at our henna-covered hands.

As I waited, I visited another area of the rooftop where an incredible assortment of the most intricate bangles I had ever seen were set up. I was asked about the color of my sari and instantly stacks and stacks of bangles were pulled for me. My wrists were filled with different combinations until we found just the right set.

Bangle 'Shop'

Bangle ‘shop’ set up on the rooftop

Wrist Full of Bangles

My selection of bangles

As I danced the night away at the next spectacular wedding event I couldn’t help but fall in love. Though instead of with someone, it was with the joyous sound of my bracelets jingling with one another. I didn’t stop moving my arms to the rhythmic beat of the music the entire night. The sound was mesmerizing.

Performance at Wedding Event

Vibrant dance performance at a wedding event

After returning home, I knew I had to have a set of bracelets that could give me that joy all the time. I found a set of three bangles that became a staple in my wardrobe.  When I wear them you can hear me coming from down the hall.  The sound they make as I move still makes me smile as I think of India.


When designing my collection I knew that bangles had to be a part of it and that how they sounded was of the utmost importance.  I wanted them to feel good and make a harmonious sound when worn together.  It took a few tries before settling on the perfect weight and shape, but when all was done, they are just right.

I hope that these bracelets will each head off on a melodious adventure of their own.

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