Who shall I be today?

That’s the question a friend of my mom’s asks herself each morning as she gets dressed.  What an empowering thought, that I get to choose how the world sees me and what persona I want to have.

Making that choice can be done with clothing but also with jewelry.  Do I want to be classic and elegant?  Or make a bold statement in color and shape?

Madeleine Albright wore pins to convey a silent message to the people she met with.  She wore the pins with a sense of humor and they conveyed her feelings of strength, sass, or support.  She famously wore a snake pin during the Gulf War when she talked about Saddam Hussein because he had compared her to an ‘unparalleled serpent’.   It was her visual way of delivering a message.

My parents were able to hear Madeleine Albright speak a few years ago and brought me an autographed copy of her book.  She inscribed it to “the future of the jewelry industry”.  I treasure that inscription and get chills each time I read it.  A strong, capable woman who chooses to express herself through jewelry?  Can’t get much better than that!

Madeleine Albright

My treasured Madeleine Albright autograph

There’s an exhibition of her pins at the Bellevue Arts Museum now through June 7th, I have to go see them and soak up a bit of inspiration!

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