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Dream Job, Dream Watch

Whether you’ve already arrived at your dream job, or are still climbing your way there, here are some timepiece recommendations that are all in perfect sync with your work style.   Chief Revenue Officer- For the CRO, high pressure reaps higher benefits. On their wrists, a watch with a touch of style, heritage, and flash […]

IWC: 150 Years and Counting

When Florentine Ariosto Jones arrived in Switzerland in the late 1860s to set up a watch company using the modern industrial techniques of his native Boston, he received little welcome in Geneva. So he continued east, to Schaffhausen, where he found a small outpost of watchmakers educated in the German tradition and a power plant […]

Breitling: Charting a New Flight Plan

“A naval aviator remembers two things,” says Capt. Jim “Guido” DiMatteo, “his first carrier landing and his first Breitling.” Breitling has indeed made it’s mark as the distinctive pilot’s watch.  Making bold moves, Breitling is soaring to new heights with new CEO Georges Kern. Kern’s goal for the company is twofold: to streamline the company’s […]

The Show Stoppers

The Salon de International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) and the Baselworld watch shows in Switzerland over the winter set the tone for the watch world each year and offer up thousands of appealing new timepieces. But some just stand out from the crowd. Ben Bridge watch buyers Melissa Lemley and Joe Perez select their […]

Cartier: The Santos Strap Story

One of the many innovative visionaries who would change the world, Santos-Dumont (a pioneering aviator who designed 22 flying machines around the turn of the century) was friends with Louis Cartier, another forward thinker of the times. When Santos-Dumont complained to Cartier that it was cumbersome to have to take out his pocket watch to […]

2018 Watch Trends

Timeless magazine is your timely source for what’s trending in watches this season.   FIRST OFF: BLUE! Blue Dials have long been treasured and sought after, and the new styles perfectly evoke the on trend color du jur.     The Boyfriend watch; ladies are rocking the more rugged and bold styles and swiping boyfriends […]

Made for Joe Perez

Because of Who… In the era of technology and devices, people ask if watches are relevant anymore. At Ben Bridge, we believe fine timepieces have less to do with the necessity of timekeeping and more to do with art, craftsmanship and style. A fine timepiece evokes emotion and memory in a way a smartphone cannot. […]

Made for Shari Schindler

Since the beginning of Ben Bridge, we have been creating a personalized experience for each customer. There is no limit to the lengths we will go to ensure the quality of the pieces we curate and that they will endure through generations. A personal story from one of our Vice Presidents, Shari Schindler… I inherited […]

Expert Insights: Chronographs

Watch terms often sound intimidating. We’d like to help make you the expert starting with the mysteries of chronographs. Our expert watch maker, Tim Louis, breaks it down. The word “chronograph” refers to the specific stopwatch mechanism on a watch. The basic function is to show elapsed time, often via a central seconds hand and […]

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