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When and How to Wear Alexandrite

It is hard enough to decide what to wear on a daily basis – adding jewelry to the equation only increases that indecision. We all have the days when we are set on wearing our favorite pair of jeans but can’t find the jewelry to match – or vice versa. Some mornings, your pearls are […]

The 4 C’s of Diamonds

So you want to buy a diamond, but you’re not sure where to start. Buying a diamond can be one of the biggest investments you’ll make in something that you have the least amount of knowledge in. It’s small and it’s expensive and it’s hard to know if you’re getting your investment worth. So we’ve […]

How it’s made: Toscano Hammered Gold Bracelet

A hammer isn’t the first thing you think of when you look at the Toscano Gold jewelry in the Toscano Gold collection. But the Toscano Hammered Cuff Bracelet is made by an Italian goldsmith that has been working with his hammers for 35 years. And he’s honed his craft to a level that is unrivaled. “I can’t tell […]

Expert Insights: Chronographs

Watch terms often sound intimidating. We’d like to help make you the expert starting with the mysteries of chronographs. Our expert watch maker, Tim Louis, breaks it down. The word “chronograph” refers to the specific stopwatch mechanism on a watch. The basic function is to show elapsed time, often via a central seconds hand and […]

Empowering Communities with Diamonds

Jewelry helps us mark the most important moments in our lives and symbolizes our deepest commitments. To be worthy of these moments, our jewelry is crafted from some of the most beautiful, precious and rare materials on earth. The enduring value of a diamond engagement ring, a beloved pair of earrings or an heirloom watch […]

The Toscano Collection

The Toscano Gold collection is more than just jewelry, it is the stunning craftsmanship of Italian artisans. Italian gold was one of the launching points behind the Toscano Gold collection when Ben Bridge buyer Laura Barringer found herself wandering through a region of Italy the locals call the golden triangle. She was inspired by the […]

What are Akoya Pearls?

If pearls are the Queen of the gem world, the Akoya pearl is the Queen of the Queens. It’s often called the perfect pearl. Produced by oysters native to Southeast Asia, Akoyas thrive in the cooler saltwater oceans off the coast of Japan, China and other parts of Southeast Asia and are usually harvested during […]

What are South Sea Pearls?

Go big or go home: If size is what matters, look for a pearl from the South Sea. Declared the National Gem of the Philippines, South Sea pearls are grown all over the Southern Indonesian oceans, with farms all around Australia to Indonesia to the Philippines. In addition to their size, South Sea pearls are […]

What’s the Difference Between Freshwater Pearls and Saltwater Pearls

Pearls are amazing gemstones, the only gem created by a living creature. Learn more about pearls here; how they’re made, and how they grow. When anyone talks about pearls today, they are talking about cultivated pearls. What are cultivated pearls versus natural pearls? They are very similar. Cultivated pearls are real pearls, just with a little bit […]

What are Mikimoto Pearls?

Mikimoto Pearls are the pearls of legend. The namesake behind the brand is Kokichi Mikimoto, who revolutionized the pearl industry when he patented the process for cultured pearls in 1916. Today, Kokichi Mikimoto is known in the pearl world as the King of Pearls, and his pearls live up to his name. The same process Mikimoto […]

What are Tahitian Pearls?

Life isn’t always black and white; sometimes it calls for more color. That’s where Tahitian Pearls come in, they are famous for their exotic colors. And although people think of them as black pearls, they famously come in three main colors: Peacock, Aubergine and Pistachio. Tahitian pearls get their color from the oyster they are […]

The Love of Jewelry Starts Young for One Ben Bridge Fan

At the young age of eight-years-old, Oscar has found a unique entrancement in his life — the Ben Bridge logo. For many years, Oscar has found himself drawn to the curly letters of the words “Ben Bridge.” He points out the sign to his family whenever he comes across it; serenading it, talking to it, […]

Diamond Spotlight: Ikuma Canadian Diamonds

Every diamond tells a story, and Ikuma Canadian Diamonds have a unique tale to share. The name “Ikuma” comes from the native Inuit word for fire, referencing how the diamonds are formed in the high temperatures and pressures of the Earth’s mantle. Ikuma diamonds are found exclusively in three world class operations in Northern Canada, at […]