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As a member of the fifth generation in my family's business, I have always loved gems and jewelry. My education as a Certified Gemologist only deepened my love for the incredible variety of colored gemstones. Through this blog I hope to share the inside scoop of the incredible world of jewelry; whether I am trotting about the world, developing a line, or sharing my passion for jewelry.

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The Happiest Gemstone: Rhodochrosite

I have a collection of gem specimens in my office. Most of the collection came from my grandfather because, as he told me, I was the gemologist in the family. I have slowly added to it as I’ve found the right pieces. I find tremendous inspiration being surrounded by such beautiful things the earth created.  […]

Design Evolution: Patterns in a Ceiling

We got off the plane from the long voyage, dropped our bags at the hotel and hit the ground running to see as much as we could.  On our first day in Peru we toured Lima, Peru’s capital and a vibrant, modern city. The beautiful cliff side views, fresh seafood, and cathedrals were some of […]

Design Evolution: Trapezoid Suite

These two pieces were inspired by the windows in Inca ruins.                   The stone buildings are built solidly out of large stones and were made without any mortar, so the pieces have to fit together perfectly.  The Incas understood that it was a tectonically active area, so […]

Design Evolution: Cascades Destination Jasper Pendant

I am particularly excited to introduce the new jasper pendant to the Cascades Destination because it has been a long time in development. I wanted to create a pendant that had the uniqueness of the moss agate pendant but had almost a scene inside of it. I first thought of “landscape agate” and tried to […]

Source of Inspiration – Silver and Black Rhodium Rings

One of the things I was most fascinated by in Peru were the layers of architecture and culture that were apparent throughout stops on our journey.   In Cusco, there is a distinct line in the stonework of what is now the Church of Santo Domingo (originally the Inca temple Coricancha). The bottom layer are […]

Locale of Inspiration – Peru

Sitting in my backyard one sunny Sunday afternoon, my friend Lauren and I began talking about our upcoming birthdays.  While I firmly believe that every birthday is important and worthy of celebration, we were on the verge of a big one-one that started a new decade. “What should we do to mark the moment?” Lauren […]

187ct Diavik Foxfire Diamond

For me, it’s not all about the size of a diamond, it’s also about the origin and story of where it came from that adds value and interest for me.  On a rare occasion, those two factors line up to create a truly spectacular diamond. We had the incredible privilege of hosting the largest gem […]

Source of Inspiration – Blue Lace Agate

Sometimes inspiration comes from a destination, thinking about a romantic, faraway place, and sometimes it comes from a fascinating gemstone that just speaks to you. That’s just what happened when I found a beautiful piece of Blue Lace Agate.  I was captivated by the light banding that flowed through it, the watery shapes that were […]

The Birth of a Lapis Ring

I thought wearing a piece that I designed was surreal, that is until I saw one being made. On each trip overseas, we try to visit at least one of our manufacturer’s workshops or factories.  On this trip to Bangkok we were able to spend a day with a supplier that we have worked with […]


While I have my signature L to sign a note with, a few of my friends can be relied upon to use another symbol of love, signing with xoxo.  It always feels like a warm and intimate expression to me.  I began to wonder about expressing that sentiment in jewelry. Playing with gemstones and shapes […]

Heart’s Combined Pendant

Right in time for Valentine’s Day I’ve introduced some new (and thematic) pieces to my collection.  Being in love is an incredible thing, and I wanted to create special pieces to celebrate it. I set out to create a contemporary necklace that could be worn every day (by itself or stacked with other pendants – […]

Reflections on a Lisa Bridge Year

A year ago today I was a ball of nerves with anticipation and anxiety, ready to introduce my collection to our managers and the world. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year. Year One’s Top 10 Highlights: -The first time I saw my collection in our cases and got to show it […]

Cotton Candy, Begonia, and Rose Quartz

The best fashion seasons are when what you’ve always loved becomes what’s in vogue. While watching the fall runway shows and thumbing through my favorite fashion mags, I was tickled to see the amount of pink being shown.  Often derided as too young or too girlie of a color, soft ballerina pink seems to finally […]

The Great Diamond Journey North

Marc and I recently had the chance to visit a diamond mine in the Canadian tundra and it was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been! For years, I heard the story about diamonds discovered under the spectacular landscape of Canada’s Northwest Territories and when Rio Tinto, operators of the Diavik Diamond Mine, invited […]

Phenomenal Moonstone

Allow me to geek out for a moment.  I love that moonstone is a “phenomenal gem” and I mean that in both the technical and the descriptive sense.  Moonstone seems to almost glow with an effect called adularescence (how’s that for a word?!).  As moonstone moves, light rolls across the stone in an ethereal way. […]

The Sound of Bangles

I always said, ‘Whenever Chaitu gets married, I’m going!’ When else would I have the chance to attend a spectacular wedding in India? So when I received that invitation for my friend from gemological school’s wedding, I booked my trip. The call of the colorful celebrations was just too strong, I couldn’t resist! The first wedding […]