Nurture Nature

We promise to plant a tree for your choice of an Ecoura engagement ring that bears our special trademark stamp.

You get engaged, we plant a tree! That's right. With every Ecoura couple that buys an Ecoura engagement ring, you enable us to plant a tree for you.

Trees purify the air we breathe. Trees provide shade. Trees attract wildlife. By planting trees, we are taking steps to create a more natural environment in a society that is laden with man made and artificial creations.


Renewed Gold

We promise your Ecoura jewelry is created with renewed gold having an identical look and feel of newly mined gold.

Renewed gold is identical in every way to the gold lying deep within our planet. It's natural, real, and respectful of the fragile ecology of Mother Nature. Most gold comes directly from earth destructive mining processes. Renewed gold is gold already existing in world that is collected, melted, refined and churned into fresh bars of gold. This process reduces the dependency on gold mining. A single gold ring we produce helps save between 5 – 20 tons of environmental waste. This will provide you with a lasting enjoyment of knowing you have helped save part of the world's most precious resource.

For five generations, Ben Bridge has been committed to offering the finest jewelry and unsurpassed personal service at the best value.

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