Engagement Ring Style Guide


When choosing an engagement ring, you will need to select a style, shape, metal and ring size. It is important to consider her personality & lifestyle. If she's adventurous and spends a lot of time outdoors, look for lower profile, less ornate choices, which are less likely to get knocked or caught on things. If she's more of a glamour girl, look for statement settings with accent diamonds and more intricate details. There is an endless amount of variety in style, details and metal choices. We've categorized our engagement rings into six overarching styles to help you on your journey towards finding the perfect engagement ring.


Behold: a lady, fun, feminine, romantic. Her style is tasteful, elegant and timeless. The most popular choice in engagement rings, a solitaire setting features a single stone. Prongs secure the diamond, allowing it to catch the most light and reflect the most brilliance.

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She's dreamt of this moment for a lifetime, and has the Pinterest board to prove it. Classic style engagement rings may feature side stones such as diamonds or other gemstones for additional sparkle or color. The three-stone ring, symbolizing the past, present and future is a timelessly romantic style. Typically, the center diamond is larger than the two side stones which serve to accentuate the overall look.

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For the girl who never says no to a little sparkle and loves to make a statement. Halo style engagement rings feature a main store surrounded by a circle of sparkling diamonds, adding brilliance and creating the appearance of a larger center diamond. Halo settings are available in a variety of configurations and shapes, with or without the addition of diamonds on the band.

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A fashionista at heart, she takes pride in her ability to master each season's trends. Modern engagement rings feature clean & contemporary lines, with non-traditional details such as fancy colored stones, mixed metals, accent stones and pave-set diamonds.

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She has a passion for the new, an eye for the old, and her style is one-of-a-kind. Our collection of vintage-inspired rings features intricate milgrain, filigree, detailed galleries and hand-engraved bands. Vintage-inspired rings may also feature organic elements such as flowers, leaves and vines, a homage to bygone eras when romance reigned and fashions were unapologetically feminine. 

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She's a trailblazer, now is your opportunity to create fresh expressions or commitment and union, from the ceremony to the daily symbols of your affection. Take white diamonds and add a vibrant dash of colored diamonds or gemstones for perfectly personalized flavor.

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