Life isn't measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away...


Engagement ring commemorates the moment and develops a memory for a lifetime. 

Engagement rings come in seemingly endless shapes and styles, some going back hundred of years, like round solitaires, some are more contemporary, like radiant or princess cuts.  These simple guidelines will help you navigate through the myriad of choices. 

Fist, the easy part - the technical characteristics of the diamond, also known as 4 Cs : 

1. Color - gem-quality diamonds occur in many hues. In the range from colorless to light yellow or light brown. Colorless diamonds are the rarest. Other natural colors are known as fancy, and their color grading us unique.

2. Cut - of all the 4 Cs, cut has the greatest effect on a diamond's beauty and light performance.

3. Clarity - clarity refers to the type and number of natural particles which occur in a diamond when it is forming. 

4. Carat - this is the diamond's physical weight measured in metric carats. One carat equals 1/5 gram and is subdivided into 100 points. 

Engagement ring is not just a combination of quality characteristics, but also a physical expression of a bride's dreams, hopes and personality. Buying the engagement ring is a very personal decision, it has to reflect her personality. Her friends can be an invaluable source of insight in that matter, together with the style of clothes she wears, and other jewelry items in her jewelry box. 

Consider styles that go beyond the white diamond - it's entirely acceptable to wear engagement rings with fancy colored diamonds, like yellow, blue, pink, brown or even black. Emeralds, rubies and sapphires are both desirable and acceptable as center or accent stones. 

For five generations, Ben Bridge has been committed to offering the finest jewelry and unsurpassed personal service at the best value.

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