Exclusive to Ben Bridge, cut by some of the world's foremost diamond cutters, this exclusive collection is demonstrably among the finest of diamonds available with distinctive faceting, a high degree of dispersion, incredible scintillation and remarkable brilliance. 

Signature Forevermark diamonds combine the heritage of Forevermark diamond combines with proprietary cut of a Ben Bridge Signature diamond. 

Signature  Forevermark Diamonds are laser inscribed with a Unique Identification number, beginning with 1912 - the year when Ben Bridge Jeweler was founded; and come with the grading reports from the Forevermark Institute in Antwerp.

Signature Forevermark Diamonds are the world's most carefully selected diamonds and are beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. 



Unique patented faceting design maximized beauty and light return.

Each diamond is held to strict standards including precise symmetry, quality of the finish and polish of each facet and proportions.







Each diamond is hand selected. Less than 1% of the world's diamonds qualify to be Forevermark; even fewer are chosen for the Signature cut. 

Diamonds are selected first by the Forevermark Diamond Institute and then by gemologists at Ben Bridge. 




Responsibly Sourced

Selecting diamonds only from socially responsible mines who give back to their communities. 

Partners must meet the Forevermark Integrity Requirements. 

Forevermark diamonds are kept separate from other diamonds throughout their journey.



Signature Forevermark Round

Signature Forevermark Round cut has 66 total facets. That's 8 more facets than the traditional round brilliant, precisely placed on the pavilion. 

Chrysanthemum flower pattern visible with ideal loupe. 

Superior light performance is demonstrated when viewed with the ASET tool. The return of light is represented by four different colors: red, green, blue and black. 

  • Red is the most desirable. Red represents light that travels through the diamond unobstructed and with full intensity. This is the light that makes the diamond bright and brilliant.

  • Green represents the less efficient light. It can reflect off objects or it might enter the diamond at indirect angles. This light may contribute slightly to contrast, but for the most part is undesirable.

  • Blue represents “contrast”. It is the “texture” or pattern of light and dark areas that our eye finds pleasing. It is caused by light that could have entered the diamond, but is blocked by the viewer’s head. It should be distributed in a symmetrical pattern.

  • Black (and occasionally white) represents “leakage” which is an area from which light literally leaks out of the diamond and is lost. Leakage is less desirable and in all cases should be minimal.

The Signature Forevermark Diamond exhibits extraordinary intense return of light as shown in these images.

“It was a treat looking at your Ben Bridge Signature cut. I knew before I viewed the diamond in the ASET® that it would show lots of red because of how bright it was…I was right! Red is significant because it reveals areas of the diamond that gather light directly from the source where it is most intense.” –Jim Caudill, Creator of the ASET

For five generations, Ben Bridge has been committed to offering the finest jewelry and unsurpassed personal service at the best value.

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