Selecting a diamond shape is one of the biggest milestones when choosing a ring to symbolize your love. Like all journeys, its always best to follow your heart, but it you're not sure when to begin, we've created a simple guide to help you navigate selecting a diamond shape to best fit your setting and your style.


The most popular of diamond shapes, round diamond are often brilliant-cut which enhances the diamond's angles and maximizes sparkle & brilliance. A round diamond will give you the most sparkle of all the diamond shapes.


The cushion cut diamond has become more popular in recent years, offering a traditional look that's a departure from the every-day. The cushion cut is treasured for its gently curved square shape which appeals to romantics and modernists.


Princess cut diamonds are square in shape, and like round diamonds they are cut with a brilliant facet pattern. Clean angles and straight lines give this diamond cut a modern aesthetic perfectly suited to contemporary designs.


Emerald cut diamonds offer symmetrical sparkle, and bright flashes of white light. The large size of this diamond's table reveals more of the internal aspects of the stone, a higher clarity grade in this cut will maximize its beauty.


Asscher cut diamonds, like emerald cuts offer a very symmetrical sparkle and create a mirror-like appearance. The table of this diamond cut reveals the step-cut facets of the stone's pavilion. Selecting a diamond with higher clarity in the asscher cut will ensure the most beautiful display of its attributes.


The radiant cut diamond offers the brilliant sparkle of a round diamond, with the elegant symmetry of an emerald cut by combining a rectangular shape and brilliant-cut faceting.


Oval cut diamonds are also brilliant-cut to exhibit a similar fire & brilliance to a round diamond. An oval diamond is a popular choice among those who love the brilliance of a round but want something more unique.


The pear shaped diamond resembles a tear drop, and is a blend of the round and marquise shapes. A pear diamond can be worn with the point facing up or down, for a uniquely beautiful look. Symmetry is key for this shape, as the slightest difference can make a diamond appear uneven.


Named after a mistress of King Louis XV, this shape creates an illusion that the diamond is larger in size. Symmetry is also important in a marquise shaped diamond.

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