For thousands of years man has fashioned uncut gems into faceted and cabochon shapes to enhance the play of light across their surfaces, to coax brilliance and fire from deep within. Transparent colored gems are most often faceted like diamonds, in a variety of geometric shapes and styles.









Round is the most balanced, versatile, and popular shape. It includes an array of cuts, both faceted and cabochon. 









Oval shape's elongated, perfectly symmetrical design gives a flattering illusion of length to the hand. 






Marquise cut and shape come from the eighteenth century French court and immortalize the enchanting smile of Marquise de Pompadour. And what woman wouldn't smile, looking at a beautiful diamond ring on her finger?









Pear shape design combines the best of marquise and oval cuts, and  evokes an image of a beautiful sparkling teardrop. 









Square design allows for the greatest depth. Princess, radiant, and cushion cuts  are used to fashion gemstones into this fabulous shape.




 Heart-shaped Heart-shaped gemstones tell the most passionate story, and make the most  romantic gift.

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