Ethical Sourcing

We care deeply about protecting both the people and the environment in every stage of our supply chain. We have the highest ethical and quality standards in the industry, from ensuring that our diamonds and gemstones are mined responsibly to working to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from the industry at large to supporting vendors who maintain strict environmental standards. Ben Bridge is proud to be a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, confirming our commitment to promoting human rights and ethical, social and environmental standards throughout the jewelry industry.

A Carefully Regulated Supply Chain

Every vendor we work with must agree to the Ben Bridge Supplier Code of Conduct, which applies to all products we carry. This code of conduct covers the elements involved in an ethical supply chain that we view as non‐negotiable. We do not work with any vendors or suppliers who can not comply with these standards. Our code of conduct requires our vendors:

  • Do not use child labor in the mining or production of products
  • Adequately pay all individuals involved in the supply chain
  • Ensure that all labor happens under appropriate working conditions
  • Ensure that all materials come from legitimate sources

We also frequently visit our vendors' offices and factories worldwide, where we can personally see that our standards are being upheld.

The Responsible Jewellery Council

Ben Bridge is a founding member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), a not-for-profit organization which sets and enforces responsible business practices covering human rights, labor rights, environmental impact, mining practices, and product disclosure throughout the supply chain. RJC members commit to and are independently audited against the RJC code of practices every three years.

We are a certified member of RJC, which confirms that Ben Bridge's business practices meet the ethical, human rights, social, and environmental standards established by the RJC's Member Certification System.

Conflict Diamonds

It is absolutely paramount to our business, our reputation, and our position as global citizens that our customers can be confident that the diamonds we sell are conflict-free. The term "conflict-diamond" refers to uncut or rough diamonds that have been used by rebel movements and their allies to undermine legitimate governments.

Since 2000, Ben Bridge has required all vendors to sign an agreement pledging that they will not knowingly buy or sell conflict diamonds. Three years later in 2003, 80 governments, including the United States, codified their commitment to eradicating conflict diamonds by creating a system to control the export and import of rough diamonds. Known as the Kimberly Process, this system requires that each shipment of rough diamonds be placed in a tamper‐resistant container and accompanied by a government‐validated certificate. Each certificate is uniquely numbered and contains data describing the shipment's contents. Participating countries have pledged to impound shipments of rough diamonds lacking proper certification or from any nation that fails to subscribe to this standard.

Ben Bridge is a strong supporter of the Kimberly Process, and has also taken the requirements of the Kimberly Process one step further by holding ourselves to the sourcing standards present in the System of Warranties, a voluntary industry program of self‐regulation.

Environmental Protection

We strive to source our diamonds from mines that take great care to keep the environment pristine. Ikuma, Ben Bridge's proprietary Canadian diamond, comes from mines which were designed with environmental protection in mind. Each of these Canadian mines work to maintain the most rigorous environmental and social standards in order to continue the vision of living in balance and harmony with the natural environment. There is an ever‐constant focus on protecting the water, land, wildlife, and indigenous communities that inhabit this unique environment. Each Ikuma diamond is also microscopically laser inscribed with a unique identification number and a maple leaf to guarantee its Canadian provenance and that it meets our promise to you. We are also proud to have created the Ben Bridge Signature Forevermark Diamond, in collaboration with De Beers. In addition to being quite beautiful (only 1% of the world's diamonds meet the standards to become a Forevermark stone), each Signature Forevermark Diamond originates from a carefully selected mine that benefits the local people and communities. Its journey is methodically traced, ensuring strict business, environmental, and social standards are met at each step.

A Personal Cause

In addition to spearheading Ben Bridge's responsible sourcing policies, the Bridge Family also has a strong personal commitment to ensuring ethical standards across the jewelry industry. Ed Bridge (CEO), during his tenure as president of Jewelers of America, led the industry in adopting its stringent practices in removing conflict diamonds from the supply chain. Currently Lisa Bridge (COO) is on the planning committee of the Responsible Sourcing Summit, dedicated to responsible sourcing standards throughout the jewelry industry.

Updated: 1/22/2019

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