To complement the Forevermark promise, certain Forevermark Jewelers, including Ben Bridge, are now able to provide a Forevermark Diamond Grading Report with select Forevermark diamonds. 

Personally approved, with meticulous attention to detail, the Report provides an accurate record of the diamond’s cut, clarity, color and carat weight (size). It is a special blueprint reminding you of the unique qualities that make your diamond one of a kind.

A Forevermark Grading Report assures you that your diamond has been:

  • Accurately graded according to Forevermark standards, using cutting edge technology
  • Assessed by the Forevermark Diamond Institute, whose world-class standards record a grading result that is consistent and comparable to other leading international gemological institutes
  • Evaluated by highly respected leading diamond experts, drawing on world class Forevermark bespoke grading processes and technology.  Forevermark is part of the De Beers group of companies and as such, benefits from 120 years of diamond expertise

Every Forevermark grading report includes:

  • An exclusive passport-sized report, including essential 4Cs technical detail on your unique diamond
  • A bespoke security hologram which ensures your grading report is valid and genuine
  • A unique identification number and barcode number which matches the number on your Forevermark diamond identification card
  • A Forevermark grading report holder

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For five generations, Ben Bridge has been committed to offering the finest jewelry and unsurpassed personal service at the best value.

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