Forevermark diamonds are truly rare – inscribed with a promise that each diamond is special and has been preciously cared for throughout its journey.

Each Forevermark diamond is inscribed with the Forevermark icon and a unique identification number using technology patented by the De Beers Group.

This inscription proves that each diamond has met Forevermark standards:

  • Each Forevermark diamond has met the Forevermark standards for clarity, color, and carat
  • Each Forevermark diamond has been cut and polished by selected diamantaires to a quality of 'very good' or above
  • Each Forevermark diamond is genuine, natural, and untreated
  • Every Forevermark diamond has been responsibly sourced, and can only be selected if it has met Forevermark’s high business, social and environmental standards at every step of its journey
  • Forevermark diamonds are only selected from sources which adhere to the UN mandated Kimberley Process. They are carefully handled by partners who are committed to the De Beers Best Practice Principles and the Forevermark bespoke standard of Pipeline Integrity

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