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Edward Mirell Heritage Dog Tags Pendant



Edward Mirell Heritage Dog Tags Pendant
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Double dog tag pendant in black titanium, with a 24 inch grey titanium chain.

About Edward Mirell Titanium

Gray Titanium

Commercially pure gray titanium is not only hypoallergenic, it is extraordinarily biocompatible. In many cases it is the only metallic solution for consumers who are sensitive to conventional jewelry materials.

  • Edward Mirell designs are created with titanium certified with a purity exceeding 99%.

  • Titanium's biocompatibility makes it the metal of choice in the medical industry as a component for the artificial heart, joint replacement parts and various other applications.

  • It is corrosion and scratch resistant and has the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element.

Black TiTM

Black titanium was created through extensive research and development in blending titanium with other strategic elements.

  • Each piece in Edward Mirell's Black TiTM collections possesses the same benefit to the consumer as gray titanium. However, it provides a rich, clean and distinctive black look to the metal that will not chip away and is not an "applied" coating.

  • Black TiTM is a proprietary alloy that miraculously experiences an atomic transformation at the molecular level to become as hard ceramic. The titanium turns black from the outside in by exposing the element to extreme heat.

  • The severe hard attribute created through this unique and exciting process yields a supremely scratch resistant surface in Black TiTM pieces.

  • Black TiTM is very amenable to hot or warm forging. It exhibits super plasticity at about 732°C making it possible to accurately produce sharp corners, indentations, and other details.