Introducing the Signature Forevermark Diamond Collection a unique selection available exclusively at Ben Bridge.

  • The Most Beautiful Diamond We Have Ever Offered, Exclusive to Ben Bridge

    The Signature Forevermark Diamond is a unique collaboration between Ben Bridge Jeweler and Forevermark. Each Signature Forevermark Diamond is hand selected for its beauty, rarity and responsible sourcing, and then crafted into a cut of superior artistry.

    Signature Forevermark diamonds are selected for their exceptional qualities: less than one percent of the world’s diamonds are eligible to become a Signature Forevermark diamond. Set apart for their cut, clarity, color, size, extra faceting and superior proportions, Signature Forevermark diamonds are crafted to release their full beauty and brilliance.

    The result is the most beautiful diamond we have ever offered.

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  • Responsible Sourcing

    Each Signature Forevermark Diamond originates from a carefully selected mine that benefits the local people and communities. Its journey is methodically traced, ensuring strict business, environmental and social standards are met at each step.

    Signature Forevermark diamonds only come from sources which are committed to high business, social, and environmental standards and benefit the people, communities, and countries from which they originate.

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  • The Signature Cut

    To maximize brilliance, each Signature Forevermark Diamond is crafted with extra facets and superior proportions. Every diamond is also examined by experts at the Forevermark Diamond Institute.

    Signature Forevermark diamonds are available in a range of timeless and exquisite diamond jewelry designs. From engagement rings and three-stone anniversary rings to solitaire pendants and ear studs, a Ben Bridge sales associate will help you find the perfect piece of jewelry featuring your unique Signature Forevermark diamond.

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  • The Promise

    The unique inscription at the heart of each Signature Forevermark Diamond is a promise that is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Every inscription begins with “1912,” the year of Ben Bridge’s founding, to serve as a symbol of the collaboration between Forevermark and Ben Bridge Jeweler.

    The Signature Forevermark promise means that every diamond is a genuine, natural, and untreated diamond whose quality, beauty, and integrity have been protected at every step in its journey.

    There is an additional Signature Forevermark promise – a grading certificate with the precise cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Signature Forevermark diamonds are evaluated by highly respected leading diamond gemologists drawing on world-class bespoke Forevermark grading processes and technology developed by De Beers. Forevermark only grades diamonds that have been selected according to Forevermark standards. Your grading report provides an accurate blueprint of the qualities that make your diamond unique and special.

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