The Ben Bridge Difference


Jewelry you won't find anywhere else

We work with jewelers and designers worldwide, including our very own Lisa Bridge, to create unique and beautiful pieces specifically for Ben Bridge customers. Ranging from customized versions of timeless classics to fashion‐forward looks made exclusively with genuine materials, our jewelry is created with you and your family in mind.


Service with your best interests at heart

We are proud to have Registered Jewelers, Certified Gemologists (more than any other jeweler!), and watchmakers that have the skills, knowledge, and training to help you. We are here to help for everything from finding the right gift to celebrate a special moment to designing a custom piece from the ground up to simply cleaning your jewelry (on us!) when you pop into a store. We are thrilled to help you in any way we can.


The highest possible standards

We care about things like how a piece of jewelry feels in your hand. Whether your bangles make a satisfying chime when they jingle together on your arm. The mechanics of a watch as you glance at it on your wrist. A very small number of the world's diamonds and gemstones meet our quality standards, and we take pride in the fact that our Quality Control system is legendarily tough. We only put our name behind the best possible pieces that will last our customers throughout their lives and from generation to generation.


Leading the way in ethical sourcing

We care deeply about protecting both the people and the environment in every stage of the supply chain. We have the highest ethical and quality standards in the industry, from ensuring that our diamonds and gemstones are mined responsibly to working to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from the industry at large to supporting vendors who maintain strict environmental standards.


Generations of trust, respect, and value

For over a hundred years, we have based our business on relationships‐‐not only with our customers, but also with our vendors. We have strong relationships with the people who make our jewelry, many of which span several generations. This mutual support and respect allows us to buy directly from the source, bypassing middlemen and bringing you the best possible values.

Updated: 7/16/2019